A question about dying


My mother died last December from colon cancer and dementia. She considered herself a Presbyterian although had not attended any church for years, with the exception of my daughter’s baptism…

I had a wonderful Catholic hospice involved with her care and I began to notice more and more Catholic items in her room. Toward the end, someone had placed a rosary around her neck and given her a cross to hold. I had not yet crossed the Tiber, so I was not totally familiar with what the rosary meant and such.:blush:

I found out later that a priest had given her last rites…somehow everyone came to think she was Catholic it seems.

I guess I’ll never know if at some lucid moment she wanted to become Catholic or if the hospice nurses just ‘adopted’ her.

But if she was wasn’t Catholic, then how would God view that?


First, let me offer my condolences. I lost my father a little more than two years ago and I understand your loss.

Referring to the last line of your post, I think that is a question that we are simply not able to answer. Any attempt might even be harmful, both spiritually and psychologically. While I know you are seeking comfort, I would suggest that you rely on the mercy of God.

May God grant you His peace.


with love and mercy so deep we cannot even fathom



I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. It breaks my heart when anyone loses a parent.

She is in the loving hands of the almighty. He knows what best for us, even if we don’t.


Beautifully said by PuzzleAnnie and so true.
Your Mom is in the arms of the angels and an all-loving God. I’m very sorry for your loss. Peace to you.


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