A Question about Father Thomas Keating


For those of you are well versed in Father Thomas' writings....

I just spent an hour listening and re-listening (via video rewind etc) to an interview of Father Thomas. I am sincerely curious. Really - I am in no way asking a rhetorical questions or seeking to cast doubt or provoke any emotion. My questions:

Would Father Thomas affirm that no one can come to the Father but through Jesus? That is, would he affirm the exclusive claims of Jesus himself as exclusive claims?

Does he believe that Jesus is God (not a divinized human but actually the third person of the Trinity and creator of the Universe etc)?

Does he believe that we are created beings, and that though we bear the image of God, we are distinctly other than God - i.e. part of his creation?

Would he unequivocally state that if someone, by inference of their contradictory beliefs (i.e. in other gods) rejected Christ as God, as the sole means of salvation, that they will suffer the end of their choice in hell?

Even if you have the answer to even one of these questions, I would be grateful to know the reference in his writings or some way I could verify an affirmative answer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sincerely curious and open...


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