A question about food

didn’t Jesus say all food was clean? Also, didn’t God tell Peter not to call things unclean that God made clean? someone told me differently.

Yup, its in Acts 10:11-17

This wouldn’t have to do with “meatless Fridays” would it:hmmm: .

If that is the case, a differentation would have to be made for abstaining from a food due to it being unclean (such as the Jewish laws of unclean food go) or abstaining from a food for a devotional reason.


no, he said we were to keep the old covenant commandments of God. such as the abstaining from unclean food. keeping the sabbath. stuff like that. then he went on a rant on how we are suppose to keep the torah and how all churchs have been dooped by the devil…

What?/ :confused:

Where did Jesus say such things?

…Or was that sarcasm?/


It’s perfectly fine to fast and abstain from food for religious reasons - he did so himself! The New Testament is full of references to fasting and prayer. The problem is permanently eliminating certain foods because it’s thought they’re ritually impure. We never permanently eliminate any food.

nope. that was what the guy told me. he said we needed to keep the old laws. the ones found in Leviticus.

well if his name is not Benedict 16 just ignore him because he is speaking without authority, and if he claims authority, he is lying, so defy him to find in scripture the passage that gives him authority to tell you what to eat.

Dark Age Anglo-Saxon Christians often did. So there is a precedent for it. However the general understanding of the Church is that it is neither necessary nor useful to do so. However non-members might think differently.

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