A question about gluttony


I’m a 19 year old unviersity student, i grew up very overweight for my age and after 2 years of dieting i’m finally at my desired HEALTHY weight. However to maintain this healthy weight i need to eat a reccommended daily amount of calories. this combined with what i’ve given up for lent means i often have to eat large meals ( to the point where i become full to very full) to get the calories i need ( however so far i’m still losing some weight which may suggests my RDA of calories may be higher then i think) and of course i love eating food.

my question is. i’m i guilty of gluttony for eating to the point of fullness as i need the calories but enjoying the large meals?

one suggestion could be to split the meals up over the cousre of the day but i eat the large meals to keep me full for longer and to ward off my appitite.

i have seen the catholic encylopaedia’s definiation which states that gluttony is when someone eats primarly not for nessecity. i’ve also seen posts here saying that one shouldn’t eat to the point of fullness/over fullness.

i hope i’ve given enoguh information for some advice and excuse the spelling errors. ( if there are some)

Thank you

I would agree with the Catholic encyclopedia’s definition. I wouldn’t call eating what you need (even if that makes you full) gluttony. I think gluttony is only when you overeat for pleasure. Everything in moderation. Pretty much all sin involves something (be it food, sex, or even work) getting out of moderation.

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