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Although my question is better placed somewhere else, I still want to ask this question.
Does god love all of his children?
If he does, why he creates unjustice between humans. Some are born into affluence but some into poorness. Those who are wealthy can buy whatever they want, physical comfort, education and medical treatment. Some have parents who are highly educated and know how to educate,while some not. Some have innate high intelligence, while some not. Some have incredibly good luck, while some not.
Does god love all of his children…


Without a doubt, God loves all his children.

This might be oversimplified, but God hand-picks a cross for each of us. He gives us each different talents and abilities, and each of us a different cross. We can’t begin to try and decide what is fair or always understand why we are placed in the circumstances we are in.


I don’t think its God. It’s man. Socio-ecomonics is the contruct of Man, God gave people the ability to help others. If everyone did that…



God gave ALL people the ultimate gift - the gift of His Son to die on the cross. God also gave all of us free will - and how we use that free will impacts the world around us.

Just read the Bible to know how much God loves every one of us. The hairs on your head are numbered
Not a sparrow falls that He does not see and we are worth more than many sparrows
He carves our name in the palm of His hand!


Pretty good for a non-catholic. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


My thoughts exactly :smiley: :wink:


God does love all of his children. Poorness can be a great great gift. However, in a materialistic world, we loose sight of that fact. Intelligence also does not necessarily equate to a godly individual. Some of the most amazing people I know are far below average intelligence; on the flip side, some of the worlds most intelligent people have done great damage to others. What we value at the present time (as a society) are by no means what God values, nor what a person needs to be close to him. (Case in point: I never want to be rich, because for me, I believe the temptation of material goods may come between me and my pursuit of heaven…it’s just my personality).

God bless!


Thank you for all of your ideas here.
I do think that if everyone can exert the God’s will to help others, the evil of this world can be phased out and everyone can enjoy what should be his.
But it’s difficult to have everyone keep this holy mind anytime.


Also, remember the trials you mention are issues of “this life”.

These things are only important in how we use them to Glorify God.

People who are sick, dying, poor, hungry, bereaved, mourning, etc., have a cross hand-crafted by their Father. Through that cross, they can glorify God. Their plights also provide “opportunities” for those more fortunate to show great mercy, sympathy, caring, loving, generosity, etc. These also glorify God.

Make no mistake. The things of this life are not important. Our horizon is not great careers, great wealth, and good health. Our horizon is no less than eternal life in heaven with our Father.

As Fr. Corapi says, “No Cross, No Crown!”:thumbsup:



I also think God judges us differently on how we use our gifts.

And, I think God gives us people we are just to help and love unconditionally. I don’t think these people are judged as harshly since they have had a harder life–but, we are judged on how we helped them.

We really need to just to Trust in God.


At times in my life, (especially at work as of lately) I feel the pain that Jesus must have felt of having his fellow man scream for his pain and suffering. I only need to look at the man in a wheel chair, or the homeless person on the side of the street to know that I am truely blessed for not having as many trial and tribulations as others had to bear. I pray that whatever god puts before me I will do his will, amen.


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