A question about Holy Water?


I’m sorry if this is in the wrong thread…

I’m sure we’ve all heard the joke “How do you get/make Holy water? You boil the Hell out of it”

My Auntie read this article that stated you can receive Holy water on Easter Sunday Morning from a running stream

I’m not really sure if this is the article:


Is it true that someone can receive Holy water by this? Does it have to be Blessed by a Priest?

I know that it states “Something magical…” well I do believe in Holy water but I think the person who wrote this article shouldn’t have used the word “magical”






Your aunt’s idea is probably another version of the folk notion among Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics that all water becomes holy water on the 6 January–Baptism of Christ or Theophany.

Folk religion is NOT the teaching of the Church, however.


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