A question about intamacy


My fiance and I have been patiently waiting for my final annulment decree to come in the mail. I did already get the first letter saying it was found invalid and that within the next 6-8 weeks I would get my final decree. We have been abstaining the best we can. We have had some slip ups in the last 3 years, but go right to confession and resume saying the rosary. It has abeen a few months now with no sexual acts at all. I was wondering what the Catholic religion felt about other means of being intamite?? Without being too desriptive, I am talkign pretty much anything but intercourse. Is that allowed in our faith or is that also a mortal sin? Sense it has been found invalid and we are approaching our marriage with in the church, is the other acts exceptable now?Or if we were to do these acts, would they need confession too??
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The only acts that are permissible are those that would take place between any two unmarried people - no touching of the breasts, bottom or genitals, no deep kissing, no foreplay.


wow. I had no idea passionate kissing was off limits. :eek:although we don’t anyway because it always seemed to lead to more. I thought only sex was a mortal sin?

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Essentially you are married (totally) until the final decree of nullity comes through, so the only things that are allowed are those that you could do with your spouse (ex-spouse)/father/grandmother, right on the chair next to you.


Bingo especially since these actions tend to be an occasion of sin. When you go to confession you make the resolution to not sin, and to avoid the near occasion of sin. If do not then your not resolving to stop the sin, and to just go to confession would be an abuse of the sacrament which would not benefit you at all. Always confess those things which are an occasion of your sins, and do your best to stay away from them. We have to love our sacrafice :slight_smile:


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