A question about ISIS

How should we as Catholics respond to ISIS?

first read these links. they should help you.







sorry if i sounded like lazy evil versions of the helpful aaa docents

and join me in saying the prayer that gave us victory in lepanto. also pray to our lady of fatima, akita and la salette.

One of the prayers of the early Christians was to be able to stand up for the Lord in the face of death. I have since added this to my prayer list. Today 15 so-called lone wolf terrorists were arrested in Australia for plotting to kidnap innocent people off the street
and beheading them, and they planned to put it on social media. Thank God they were stopped. Sooner or later it’s coming to a theater near us, unless the United States
and our coalition respond with ground troops and at least 100 air strikes a day rather than 100 air strikes a week. It’s amazing how after World War II the world said never again would something like that happen, and yet, it’s happening before our very own eyes.

It seems like these guys are out to cause trouble. They don’t make any sense in what they are doing. It might take a full scale war to go after these guys. Its just sad how much terror they are causing.

I pray for them every day.

We shouldn’t judge them. We should arrange a meeting between them and God and let him judge them. If there was ever a cause for a just war this has to be it.

“War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

Point taken. Thanks for this. :thumbsup:

A-10s or AC 130’s, Apache’s work well too. The problem is you have to respond with such precision that you do not hurt the innocent by standers that need our protection the most.

That is why we can not respond with B2’s or B52’s.

You reckon a hundred air strikes a day, might be a good response to 15 lone terrorists in Australia, what are the targets for these air strikes? By the sounds of it, they will create more injustice, and the need for more terrorism.

We are all created by the same God, the Same God hears all our prayers, we are commanded to love and pray for our enemies



By saying it is God’s job alone to judge them.
It’s our job to arrange that meeting.

I would say that Catholics should respond to the Islamic State by considering how it came to be.

It was an organization created, funded, trained and armed by the Western powers with the purpose of taking down Syria. Shortly after this the whole thing got out of hand when the mess the West made in Iraq was exacerbated.

Shortly put, had the West not made a mess, the Islamic state would never have come into being.

A few M.O.A.B’s wouldn’t hurt! These people are cowards. But the 30 mil works great.

Sadly America and Britain played a part in destabilising Iraq, creating two million refugees they have lost their homes, jobs, education, hospitals and a way of life, how are they going to get justice?

Without any form of compensation, they can only resort to terrorism.

A few M.O.A.B’s wouldn’t hurt! These people are cowards.

I would suggest that sending up drones is cowardly, and the great destruction of bombing from the relative safety of an aircraft. No boots on the ground from our soldiers this time, they are the ones who take the greatest risk.

We are all created by the same God, we have a duty to care for God’s creation, and that has to mean loving all our neighbours, including enemies. This should be the Christian response.

Thanks Jharek.
The flippant way I have seen people on this site speak of war and killing, many with pictures of the Virgin in their signature, makes me sick.
Some here need to re-evaluate which Church they belong to, the Catholic Church, or the Most Holy Basilica of Fox News.

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