A question about mortal sin.

Earlier I quoted a sentence from a video that made me laugh, but in the sentence was a bad word using God’s name. Since it was in a sentence I later realized I had said it. Since I didn’t have full knowledge of me saying it and it wasn’t a personal decision it was just part of the quote, is it a mortal sin?

No, venial at best.

You have answered your question by admitting that you did not have full knowledge of what you were saying at the time, so it is not a mortal sin. (It would not have been anyway).

Why worry about whether it is mortal or venial? You know what you did was wrong and it is clearly bothering you. Go ahead and confess it in confession. You’ll feel better. All sin is bad and confession gives us the grace to overcome sin, mortal and venial.

Yes, but it is always good to know if it is mortal and you shouldn’t receive communion or venial, so that you have a little time.

You recently asked almost the exact same question, but with different circumstances.

Do you habitually take the Lord’s name in vain?

If so, this is something you should work on. Be the guardian and custodian of your words.

Nobody here can tell you if your sin is mortal or venial, but if you do something regularly that you suspect is mortally sinful, you are probably right.

A man might steal a loaf of bread to save his sister’s starving child (ie, Victor Hugo’s Jean Valjean), and not be guilty of even venial sin. But, if a man steals several times a day every day, it could be a different novel (ie, Dante’s Inferno).

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