A Question About My Spirituality

I am so used to being a Charismatic Protestant, that it’s hard for me to not carry it into my spiritual life as a Catholic.

I still enjoy the Contemporary Christian Music and enjoy going to services at Protestant churches (especially the more up-beat and Charismatic ones), attending Mass, and listening to teachers/preachers such as Joyce Meyers, Jesse Duplantis, etc.

Am I wrong for having this type of Spiritual lifestyle? I do venerate Mary and St. Michael is my patron, and Jesus is the Love of my life!

I do enjoy reading the Douay-Rheims Bible, online at the moment until I buy my own, and read the NAB when reflecting Mass and then compare with the DR.

I am a total mess for JMJ!

There is nothing wrong to enjoy the charismatic part you carried from the Protestant side. But the fact you are converted to Catholism tells me you must be attracted by her profound spirituality. The real presence of Eucharist must be one of the major reasons. Correct?

While you continue to enjoy your previous church’s charisma, keep in mind the Catholic faith is so rich and there are lots to explore. Try to find a balance between what you continue to enjoy, and the profound spirituality of Catholic faith wait to be discovered. Joyce Myers has good writings, but keep in mind there are numerous Saints’ classic writings that have no comparison.

I love being a Charismatic Catholic. I use the Charismatic Protestant passion to teach the children how to praise and the Catholic “old school” how to worship.

Combine the best of both worlds and have fun. You will also be able to reach others who have the same struggle you are having.

I am a cradle catholic love and would never change, but, I listen to all the same music you do, I as well listen to pastor James McDonald who is a protstant preacher, I really feel they have a differnet perspective on things that is very very truue.

I also liked to watch Protestant Charismatic groups on TV (I’m a Catholic Charismatic) but I realized that it could be dangerous. Dangerous because I could unknowingly pick up some incorrect doctrines which they teach (even through some of their songs) and then get confused by Catholic teaching. So I stopped it.

This statement is basically the way I view my spirituality.

Just to save confusion, I am not yet fully received in full communion with the Church, but I am a Catholic at heart and could never say any different.

I could never choose any Protestant work over the Catholic work, yet I enjoy both and to say that the Protestant passion and charisma is useless, would grieve my spirit.

However, I do know that the Protestant teachings are erroneous in many ways, but I am learning to check those teachings against the Church’s and plus it’s food for thought many times. Although, I am trying to find more Catholic homilies and teachings that have the Charismatic flavor… So any suggestions would be helpful.

There is nothing wrong, provided you are solid enough in your knowledge of your Catholic Faith, that you won’t be compromising yourself.

I like all forms of music, and I often tune into the Gaither Home Coming hour, on Saturday evenings. Those people can sing!

Also, I like Gregorian Chant as much as I like contemporary music. Its just a matter of what mood I’m in.

When I first accept Jesus in my life over 30 years ago, I too was involved with the Charismatic movement, and I even use to go to a Baptist couple’s home, for a Bible Study.

In time, what I learned was that they were very open with sharing the things we believed, that were the same. However, they demanded that I reject what they reject, and often, that was my Catholic beliefs. No can do. So, I stopped going, but thats where the Lord led me.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with praising Jesus, with other Christians, with their music. Just remember that you might be challenged for being Catholic. If not, praise God!


If you know of a parish that has LifeTeen, they most likely also have a strong Charismatic presence, as well, and the priest is most likely also a Charismatic priest. :slight_smile:

Note quite sure what LifeTeen is, but will have to look it up!

The Deacon at the parish/Newman Center I attend, may get me a way to attend the Charismatic Mass Retreat in February! I’m so exited! :smiley:

The only thing I would like to add to the above is to make very sure you continue learning more and more of the Catholic Church’s teachings from orthodox Catholic sources. That way you’ll be in less danger in areas that Protestants and Catholics disagree.:wink:

brigid12, definitely plan on doing that. :wink:

I can certainly enjoy praying with other Christians in their Churches and do from time to time if opportunity presents. I can also enjoy some of the evangalists who speak on TV- some have excellent things to say (while i dont take on board every single word) and they can certainly be gifted speakers and colourful ones too.


Get in touch with Renewal Ministries. They are basically the people who promote the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Church. :thumbsup:

Already have and am on the mailing list… :wink:

I don’t remember who said it but I think you will be just fine.

“Here comes everybody”

Catholics are not cookie cutters as long as you hold to orthodoxy, you can’t be wrong.

It may be that finals are getting to me and practicing songs for the talent show tomorrow, but what did you mean by this? :o

My understanding is, that as long as you hold to what you must, and strive for a properly formed conscience, your personal spirituality (as long as its not forbidden, and hopefully can be found in catholic saints, ect) is fine if its not unorthodox.

IOW, you mention nothing here that causes concern.:thumbsup:

Ah, thanks…

Man… I hate finals! Mary’s going to be getting mouthfuls from me this weekend and next week… But She’s my Mother, so I’m sure She’d want me to pass, plus She doesn’t want me to misbehave, so Her intercessions will more than likely keep me in line… :blush:

Ask St Ignatias(sp) of Loyola to pray for you also. I will try to think of others, while I try to keep that show out of my head with the actor Brian Keith in it and Buffy and Jody and that Mrs Beasly, while I pray for you in the meantime.:o

By the way, that western actor that you are thinking of… is who I was named after. :blush: Along with the doctor who delivered me.

Oh, I think St. Philomena is another, if I remember correctly.

OH! And I cannot forget St. Jude… Hopeless case, yep that’s me!

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