A question about Our Lady of Fatima

When the Lady told the children to ‘keep her company for 15 minutes while reciting the rosery’, what exactly does keeping her company mean?

Praying with her.

praying with her might be the right answer but I try to imagine her sitting next to me with us both looking at the mystery I am thinking of. Or think of some dialog between us… thats just me though

My understanding is more simply that she herself is constantly meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary (ie ‘pondering in her heart’ the events of Christ’s life and her own that form its mysteries).

In that sense whenever we pray the Rosary and meditate on its mysteries we are ‘keeping her company’ even if we don’t consciously connect with her. Like a person in a sickroom keeping a patient company even if the patient is asleep or in a coma and unaware of their presence.

in the joyful mysteries we keep company with and companion a girl who learns she is expecting a baby, two kinswomen who visit and share great news, a new mother delivering her baby in adverse circumstances, takes him to fulfil religious commandments and learns something about his future, and her own future sorrows, and who experiences the loss, even temporary, of a child.

In the sorrowful mysteries we stand with a mother who watches her son arrested, tried, condemned, tortured, killed and buries.

and so forth. how would you keep company with a woman in any of these circumstances? waiting with her, giving her your time and attention, praying with her, sharing her joys and sorrows. As you did so, you would be learning about this child of hers, as she relates all that has happened concerning this child, what she thinks it means as she has pondered it in her heart, and eventually she introduces you to her child, and helps you come to know him better.

Keeping her company, to me, means:
–Praying with Mary before Jesus.
–Meditating upon the events in the life of her Son.
–Meditating upon the Eucharistic Christ.

In doing the above, you imitate Mary, or “keep her company.”

God Bless!


The 15 minutes of meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary is one of the elements of the First Saturday Devotion. It is 15 minutes of meditation on the mysteries in addition to the praying of at least five decades of the Rosary.

The phrase “keeping Mary company” is related to her close connection and participation in each of the mysteries.

It is “in addition” to the five decade requirement because it is to a more profound meditation than that which is possible during recitation of the words of the prayers of the Rosary.

Hope this helps.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I just read a book entitled ‘Sister Lucia’ by Mark Fellows. According to this author, Lucia was never satisfied that Our Holy Mother Mary’s instructions were fulfilled.

Mary had informed Lucia that the Pope and all the Bishops were to make formal services to consecrate Russia to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Supposedly this was never done. :confused:

What is the truth in this issue?

Peace of Christ,

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