A Question About Sacrilege and Confession


Hello all,

I am a 21 year old male who was raised Catholic and unfortunately have often had an inconsistent faith life. I have often struggled with belief in God and have never been able to get into a consistent faith routine since I was about 13. That being said I have always had an interest in my Catholic faith and even spoke with priests about the possibility of a vocation. Obviously this vocation never developed because I was not totally serious in my faith. Recently I have had an experience of mild, subclinical OCD that has brought me a lot of guilt, but also a real gift of maturity and responsibility. I think that I can use this cross in some sense to help me develop a healthy faith life. And I hope to bring myself back to the Catholic Church.

I have been thinking back on my past sins. At the age of 18, I did a general confession and I believe I confessed the sin of sacrilege in a blanket sense. I often spoke of God in ways that were profane. However, in addition to this, on two occasions at the age of 17 my roommate and I held a Mass in my room in a mocking fashion for about 3 people (one time there was two people, the next time there was only 1 other person). This was carried out in a jocular fashion. I have been reading about this offense and supposedly this is excommunicable however I have not been excommunicated because no clerical official was aware of this. What am I suppose to do if I want to bring my life back to the Catholic faith? Should I notify my bishop? I appreciate any answers you may have and ask for your prayers. And I want to apologize to all of you for my disrespect for our Eucharist.



Take this to confession ASAP! Don’t beat yourself up but PLEASE get this confessed ASAP and let the priest guide you in what to do about this. I am praying for you and hoping you don’t give up on returning fully to the Catholic Faith. God loves you more than you know and He wants you to be fully in the Church but this situation must be addressed.


I read somewhere that you can only be excommunicated if you knew in advance that a certain offense is excommunicable. If you didn’t know you can’t be excommunicated. Nevertheless you have to confess it. But with a normal priest.


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