A question about spiritual direction


I have had several meetings with a priest where we discussed my prayer life, struggles in living the faith, my vocation in life, etc. It has been quite helpful so far but during the last couple of meetings I felt a bit stuck and didn't really know on what to focus. The priest occasionally asks me questions but I feel like it's up to me to determine the direction of our conversation.

What are your experiences with spiritual direction? Do you have any advice on how to get most out of it?

Thank you!


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I think you should ask him about this lack of "direction."
Spiritual direction for me is generally non-directive also; but once I asked, I understood a bit better how the relationship worked.


I am a bit at a loss, if during two initial meetings your director does not ask questions, the only other way for him to help you is based on information you provide. If you don't tell him where you are in your spiritual life, what difficulties and challenges you are facing now, what you are discerning etc., how is he supposed to provide direction? If you don't tell me whether you are stuck in a bus station in Topeka and need to get to LA, or you are in LA and want to get back home to Scranton, how can I direct you?


As I've written in my first post, we talk about prayer, my daily life, what the problems are, etc. I think this is me giving some direction about where I am in my life.


it sounds a bit one-sided, do you ask him questions that indicate what problems you are facing, when you are puzzled about the direction and progress of your spiritual life, or the issue that led you to consider spiritual direction in the first place? What were your expectations when you entered into this relationship? Why not simply ask your director to guide you in what should be the basis for your meetings, and the basis for this relationship, so you are both on the same page?


I keep a journal and often questions for my director come from there. He usually gives me something to focus on between meetings and we may discuss insights that come from that. He also has me reading spiritual books and we discuss some of the things from that. He also has me focusing on a specific virtue (for the last three years) and I always know he is going to bring it up sometime during our session.


I approached him because I needed guidance concerning one particular issue. We have had about 4 meetings so far and initially focused on the problem I needed help with. Thing is, I don’t want this to turn into counselling sessions and am not sure how to proceed. So far we have also discussed praying the rosary and how that affects my daily life and the way I relate to people. I’m just not sure what I am supposed to do next. He just lets me talk and then gives a few suggestions on what to do next. Last time he said I should carry on with the rosary and that was that. I have no idea how this relationship should evolve and what my role is. I feel like I am missing the point maybe by not being prepared enough.


Keeping a jornal sounds like a good idea, I will do that. I think I’d definitely benefit from reading and discussing some spiritual material. I feel like I’m stuck with same old habits and thoughts and need to change something in order to grow spiritually. Thanks for these suggestions!


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