A question about temperance and foods


I was wondering about overeating and gluttony: Do you guys think it’s okay to eat LOTS of food in the day in order to gain weight, if one were underweight? Such as 5 meals a day? Eating even when you’re not hungry? I have started this, and I noticed that my “love” of food had increased greatly. Any insight?

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Talk to your doctor before you start any special diet. If you are doing it for medical purposes, then no, it is not gluttony.

Correct. Or if you’re playing in the NFL. Not a sin, per se.

Tread lightly or you may find yourself going from one extreme to another. Obsession of food is something to be concerned about whether attraction or aversion. Moderation is better.
Follow theamazinggrace’s advice and get input from your primary care or maybe a nutritionist or dietician.

I think there are health risks to such overeating, even if you are underweight as you say. I doubt it is medically necessary for you to put on weight. Please talk to your physician before continuing.

I also question whether it is important for athletic performance. Simple physics tells you that speed and agility will suffer if you have to lug around some extra pounds of fat. Strap on a ten pound (or 5 kilogram) backpack and see how well you can play basketball or soccer.

In any case, the moral issue, as I see it, is the detrimental effects on your health.

A lot of eating habits are just that; habitual. That’s why over-eating is hard to overcome, as we get used to eating at certain times, and in certain amounts.

What you eat is more important than the amounts of food you consume. As others have suggested, you should perhaps speak to a doc or nutritionist about your weight, and take their professional advice. It’s far too easy to learn the new habit of over-eating, and eating when you aren’t hungry isn’t the best way to gain weight.

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