A question about the east


I will probably be in the latin rite but I adore the east for you are in union with Rome unfortunately my state I cant find any. Litterlay hours to go to one probably I don’t wanna give out my state info. I would love to visit.

What do y’all do in the eastern rite
I know y’all probably use a different language
And when you receive the Eucharist your arms are crossed and when you kneel at mass it is penance correct me if im wrong.
And you don’t say amen when the priest gives you euhcarist I think I heard?

Can eastren priest be married?

What do y’all think of the rosary divine Mercy chaplet and purgatory?


I wanted to get close to Jesus as I could


If you are orthodox, you are assigned to the"nearest" ritual church on transition, not the RCC, even if none are nearby.

In the US, generally english for the parishes that have been around a while. With newer immigrant groups, it still


Divine Liturgy, not Mass.

Kneeling has been prohibited on Sunday since the Nicean council. It is a petition of penitence; standing is the position of respect. The western church changed to kneeling for both respect and penitence in the Middle Ages.

common, but not universal.

permitted, but not the norm.

Can eastren priest be married?

married men may be ordained; priests cannot marry, though.

there is nothing with these western private devotions

Catholic and Orthodox agree on the need, although the formulation is different.



What’s most important is being Catholic.

If you really, really like the Eastern rites, then try to adopt aspects of their spirituality into your own personal spirituality. Roman rite liturgies, artwork, and churches can also be just as beautiful.

As a Roman Catholic, there would be nothing stopping you from appreciating Eastern saints, venerating icons, praying their prayers, adopting their fasts, and so on.

You would only be missing out on certain liturgical aspects. But it’s the same Eucharist, the same Spirit.


Thank you
I am not Orthodox I was raised in a Jehovah’s witnesses family and then became

“relationship with Jesus Christian” I went thru many religions from age 12 to 17 including Wicca New age Baptist different demonations
Messianic judasism I was basically in my own little made up religion my new age phase only lasted a year I think it was 2012 when I was interested in Baptist Church. I later just was like it doesn’t matter as long as you believe in Jesus doctrine When I was 17 I was going thru severe problems I was finally introduced to divine Mercy chaplet and on 4-3-2016 my eyes were opened. And I grew from there by October or November maybe September or August I finally accepted the full truth as at first I didn’t believe Pope Francis was the true Pope and then I finally accepted the truth and I no longer have those certian problems that I
had and am Now a happy young adult. God bless you and thank you


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