A question about the King Period in Israel.

I’m reading the Bible, and I’m only up to 2 Kings 13, so please no spoilers, but I was wondering…throughout the reign of wicked kings, why didn’t The Lord simply remove the absolute monarchy in general, and return to the original form of Israel, where God was the only king? I know that Judah was promised that David’s ancestors would continue to reign, but what about Israel?

God bless you all.

You should probably post this question in the Apologetics section under Sacred Scripture for a more complete answer. You can ask the moderator to move it. This is not the forum for Scripture questions.

I have already posted this question in the Scripture forum; I just dont know how to delete this post( I’m on my phone).

I believe you only have 5 min. after posting to change or delete a post. You can PM the Moderator of the forum and see if he will move or delete it or close it.

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