A question about the Mormon Teachings

Okay I know lots of other people are going to respond to this thread but I’m really only looking for Mormon thoughts since they go to the church every week.

So I was thinking today. Most Churches have a cycle of readings that are taught. Year A B And C. I was wondering (because I don’t remember) if the LDS church has something simular. I know that in Sunday school has certain schedule for studying the Old Testament and the New and then going into the Book of Mormon etc.

I think Priesthood and Relief Society have lessons too but I don’t know how they figure those out.
I guess I’m wondering if there is an offical plan you all follow for the year and if so does it go along with what every LDS person is learning around the world?

Thanks so much for your time :):thumbsup:

Pretty much, yes. The curriculum for Sunday School, Relief Society and Priesthood meetings are standardized, with everybody following pretty much the same text. The same goes for "Seminary,’ where each year a different set of scriptures is addressed so that by the time a student graduates, he or she has had courses in the OT, NT, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price/Doctrine and Covenants. The texts we use…‘handbooks’ are on lds.org; all the lessons are fully available online for every group from nursery to Relief Society/Priesthood meeting.

Thank you :slight_smile:

If by that you mean the scripture reading that is part of the liturgy of the Mass, followed by a homily (examples 1, 2, 3, 4), the answer to that is no. The LDS church services are not “liturgical” in that sense of the term, and there are no preset scripture readings, prayers, or sermons. People are assigned to give talks at sacrament meetings, and those who are so assigned are free to choose whatever scripture passages they feel they need to quote from in support of the subject matter they are assigned to talk about. The subject matter of these speaking assignments is not preset either. A member of the bishopric who has that responsibility decides as he feels inspired what subject to assign to them to talk about.

The course of study for the Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society meetings are a different thing, and each year their course of study varies.

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