A question about the original sin

I have a question about the original sin, and want to get the answer.

Are human babies in some way evil because they have the original sin, their human nature is wounded, and they tend to evil?

If they are, then

Every human baby is a new thing. (By using the word “thing”, I use it in a broad sense, to refer to some, not to deny that a human baby is a human person.) From the beginning of the existence of the human babies, they are in some way evil. And, it is God, not the parents, that creates human babies, according to Catholicism. So, is it true that God creates evil things (the human babies) and is the cause of the evil of the human babies? If not, why?

Human nature is human nature. :wink:

The human nature of babies is inherited from Adam. Adam’s human nature, as a result of his Original Sin, lost his State of Original Holiness aka Sanctifying Grace.
The Catholic description is that at this point, Adam’s human nature becomes deprived of Original Holiness. The word deprived does not mean that Adam or babies automatically turn into something evil.

Human babies in so far as they are human beings with a human nature are good. In Genesis chapter 1, God creates the whole universe and everything in it including human beings, male and female, and it is written “And God saw everything he had made, and behold, it was very good” (verse 31). Even the fallen angels are good as to their angelic nature which God created but they are evil as to their sinning and corrupt free will.

Although God immediately creates the soul of every human being, our parents supply the matter for our bodies. Human beings are a composite of soul and body. So, human beings cooperate with God in supplying the matter for our bodies in which God infuses the soul in the production of new human beings. Our parents cooperate with God in being causes of new human beings by taking part in the generative act, the sex act, from which new human beings are conceived.

The principle cause of original sin in us is not God but the sin of our first parents. Having lost the supernatural gift of original holiness and justice God created our first parents with by their disobedience to God’s command, Adam and Eve transmit to us, their children, a human nature deprived of sanctifying grace and original holiness and justice. In a sense, we are conceived in a state of pure human nature without the supernatural gift of original holiness and justice which God intended for Adam and Eve to pass on to their descendants on condition that they remain obedient to Him. As the Church teaches, original sin is transmitted to us from Adam and Eve through generation or the propagation of the human species. Our immediate parents transmit original sin to us through the generative act, our parents were conceived with original sin through their parents and so on all the way back to the first parents of the human race, namely, Adam and Eve. Original sin is transmitted through the flesh or matter which our parents supply
in our production and it infects the soul which God infuses into the body. Accordingly, the soul as immediately created by God cannot be said to be tainted or stained in its creation by God. The soul becomes infected with the guilt of original sin in regard to the body or flesh into which it is infused which flesh is supplied by our parents and remotely to our first parents, Adam and Eve from whom we are all descended. Thus St Thomas Aquinas says “The corruption of original sin is nowise caused by God, but by the sin alone of our first parent through carnal generation.”

As far as God creating evil things as such, this is a contradiction in terms. God creating means that God causes being or the existence of something. Evil is the lack of being or goodness in something, it is a sort of non-being, a privation. To create evil as evil would be to create nothing which is a contradiction in terms.

No. Humans aren’t evil. When God created humanity, remember, He said “it is very good”!

“Original sin” isn’t ‘sin’ in the way “personal sin” is. “Original sin” just describes a situation that we all inherit: we’re imperfect, our intellect isn’t perfect, and we tend to be weak and fall into sin. That doesn’t make us evil, and that doesn’t make babies evil.


…you’ve picked up the wrong theology!

Nowhere in Scriptures does it state that man is evil.

Nowhere has the Church Taught that a new born is the incarnation of evil.

Original Sin is our inheritance from Adam and Eve… this means that we share in their disobedience and we join them in the state of spiritual death which they incurred.

Baptism purifies us from Original Sin… evil cannot be purified.

Jesus tells us that Satan is the father of all lies and that he was a murderer from the Beginning. When referencing hell, Jesus tells us that it was Created for Satan and his minions… not for man.

…as for Creation, read Sacred Scriptures and you will find that God saw that it was “good.”

Satan was known as the prince of the angels, Lucifer. He made the determination to usurp God’s Authority and he convinced a third of the angels to follow his lead–liar and murderer. His choice made him evil–an agent against God.

Man can become an agent against God; man is not born an agent against God.

…sooo… babies: good; babies spiritual state before the Sacrament of Baptism: compromised.

Only upon constant rejection of God does a baby grow into an agent against God–one that relishes evil and despises good.

Maran atha!


And, is it just that God lets human beings born with a wounded human nature and a tendency (even maybe a strong tendency) to sin, without their own faults, but still demands them not to sin and judges sinners? By contrast, fallen angels didn’t have a tendency to sin, but they chose to sin, so then they were judged. But, human beings are born with a tendency (even maybe a strong tendency) to sin, without their own faults, but are still demanded not to sin. Is it just or fair?

Humans are in the image of God which means they have the opportunity to live in joy eternal in heaven. Is that a bad thing?

Humans also have the Catholic Church and its Sacraments …

Humans can be in the arms of the Good Shepherd.:smiley:


…on the surface it does seems that way…

Yet, of all Creation only man benefits from God’s Breath of Life through the Holy Spirit.

When the angels sinned they gave in to temptation and embraced the creature rather than the Creator.

When man sins he is doing the same thing–he is willfully choosing the creature over the Creator. While it is true that Original Sin predisposes man for sin, it is also True that the Sacrament of Baptism Rescues man from such vulnerable state and makes him once again a righteous creature… It is God’s Holy Spirit that intercedes on man’s behalf extending God’s Word of Life to him; yet, it is man’s willful disobedience that causes him to reject that Gift and to seek to serve the creature (self) rather than the Creator.

Since God Knows the frailty of man, He made it possible for man to be Reconciled to Him and regain what was lost when he inherited Original Sin–Baptism; similarly, God’s Salvific Plan also contains other elements to safeguard man from his own personal sins; these are the other Sacraments–particularly, the Sacrament of Confession.

So you see, man has, at his disposal, the means to make himself right by God… he only needs to exercise his free will to get near to God.

Sadly, the father of all lies continues to urge man to satisfy the appetites of the flesh rather than to Live by the Spirit.

Maran atha!


Yes, it is perfectly just. Though the sin of our first parents wounded our nature, it is not wounded to the extent that we sin necessarily, we still have free will. When we sin, it is our own fault, we freely commit it, we cannot blame Adam and Eve for our own personal sins. God does not want us to sin because sinning is unhappiness, God wants us to be happy. Sinning goes against the very nature God created us with. Doing good and virtue is in accord with the nature God created us with. Sinning is contrary to human nature and results in unhappiness and death. Does a person want to be happy or unhappy and miserable? What a person sows will be what he reaps.

No. They are in no way evil. They are innocent. But they still have been affected by original sin through no fault of their own.

Just think of cause and effect. If you do something today, it will have an effect on everything to come later, even to have an effect on new innocent people. We are part of creation, but we also have a free will that can choose to align with God or go against him.

We are all Adam and Eve’s in some sense since we have an effect on the future people. Adam and Eve were just the start of that process.

God does not create evil, but by creating free will he creates the potential for evil. But he seems to think that it is worth it.

Here’s what the Church teaches about original sin


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