A question about the scandals


First off, I know I’m definitely not someone who ought to throw stones and I prefer not to discuss about this topic because it makes me uncomfortable but I have a question in mind.

If religious orders are independent from dioceses, how are the orders going to be reformed, especially in light of the fact that the focus is on the dioceses?


Priests working in parishes are all subject to the same guidelines, whether they are secular or religious.


But from what I understand, aren’t the chains of command different between priests from dioceses and those from religious orders (for example, they can be recalled and moved)? For example, aren’t they under the jurisdiction of superior generals which could cause administrative tricks and shenanigans, again, I’m just a concerned citizen about it. I was reading a posts about someone recommending Salesian Missions and a disturbing wikipedia article came to mind.

Again, I don’t mind to throw stones at glass houses, I’m just a bit concerned after learning this revelation and feel “a need” to speak up about this at least.


First. Wikipedia is great to learn when the 5th episode of season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy aired or what is the population of Greece. It is not a good source to learn about the Faith or about religious orders.

You would need to contact the Orders in your area to find out what procedures their Superiors put in place back in 2002 following the John Jay Report.


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