A question about wearing a scapular

Hi folks. I was wondering if I could get your inputs on what I should do with my brown scapular. I wear it daily and have a strong devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel but I purchased the scapular from a sedevacantist religious order when I used to consider myself one. Should I just have my current pastor bless it or should I purchase a new one since I bought it from people outside of union with Rome?

Thanks. I’m looking forward to y’alls feedback.

Hi I don;t know that group and how come they are inthe Catholic arena? The scapula are warn especialy by the Carmelites of which I was associated for a long time in the group. But because of my work (I know God has put me in) I am not anle to got o the group meetimgs. But aside from that maybe it is the Carmelites you should think of?
God bless

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