A Question for all

Dear friend in Christ,

Has the RCC benefited from always having a hierarchical structure?

God Bless you


Of course.

It’s a body, and bodies require to be centrally governed.


Yes. We see what happens when that hierarchy is disposed of.

Virtually every workplace has a mission statement posted somewhere. Now, are the employees supposed to read that statement and implement it as they understand it, or is there a CEO to see that everyone remains on task?

Saint Peter was the first CEO.

I believe so.

a lot of confusion

Just judging by posts on CAF, if we didn’t have central governance we’d have 100 different Catholic churches by now.

I tend to think the positives of such a central structure outweigh the negatives overall, same as I think it’s better to have a federal government for USA than 50 individual states running things.

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