A question for Biden’s fans

I’ll answer the inverse at the end of my post, but here is my question.

What will you all think about the US, if Trump not only wins, but wins by an even bigger margin and with more electoral college votes than he did in 16? How would this impact your opinion on other US citizens and their values?

If Biden wins I’ll be disappointed but not surprised. It will confirm to me that (in my opinion) America is basically doomed to go down the left wing rabbit hole into self inflicted poverty from over taxation and we’ll be expected to bow at the altar of tolerance.


Biden isn’t left wing. He’s left of center at best.


Would you care to answer the question?

I dont care about other people’s values so I can’t really offer a good answer.

Whoever wins, everyone should say, “The people have spoken, and here is our President.”

That’s not what they are going to say, though.

To answer your question, US citizens mostly have the same values. There are differences, yes, but I don’t align with either side. The US is my homeland, but spiritually it is like a foreign country and I am like an alien here. After the election, whoever wins, it will still be spiritually corrupt on both the left and the right.

But there is hope.

Oh, pardon me. I just re-read the title. I am not a fan of Biden. Not a fan of Trump. Sorry to have answered the question not asked of me.


Im not necessarily a Biden “fan”. I will probably vote for him, though. If Trump wins, especially by a landslide, I will accept the will of my fellow citizens and hope he keeps his mouth and Twitter in check. I don’t think his policies have been terrible and some have been good. I just can’t stand him as representing the “Best in America” ideal that a president should assume.

I’m old enough to have survived many presidents I didn’t vote for nor wanted. I’ll survive four more years of Trump as well, no problems. You do realize that not every democrat is on the lunatic fringe? Most of us know how our political system works and accept its flaws as well as its triumphs. One thing I would definitely dread if Trump wins by a landslide is his boasting of it…probably continually. Pride does come before the fall, yes?


Something that Americans often seem oddly unaware of is how unpopular Trump is abroad and how much he has diminished America’s standing in the world. I do not know a single person in the UK or in New Zealand who likes him. Even my most right-wing/conservative friends who support the British Conservative Party or the New Zealand National Party have an extremely low opinion of the president. Conversely, many people who are left-wing/liberal actually have a good opinion of Republican presidents such as Eisenhower, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Sr.

Lest you say that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, let me be the first to say that the UK’s current prime minister is probably our worst since Anthony Eden or even perhaps Neville Chamberlain. I am certainly not claiming that Boris Johnson is a great statesman who commands respect on the world stage. On the other hand, as a New Zealander, I can certainly say that we take great pride in seeing how Jacinda Ardern is admired throughout the world. We are also proud of Helen Clark’s international status. Oddly, while Tony Blair is now very unpopular in the UK, it is somewhat gratifying to know that he is still admired in many parts of the world, including the United States, Kosovo, and much of the developing world.

I am afraid that Trump is simply beyond the pale for most people in the UK and New Zealand (and much of the rest of the world). His behaviour has been disgraceful. He boasts about sexually assaulting women; he mocked a disabled journalist; he insults his rivals; he treats the media with contempt; he has insulted people who died in their service of their country as well as prisoners of war; he uses racist dog whistles and has failed to disavow racist individuals and organisations; when he met the British prime minister, he was so poorly prepared that he had to ask her whether the UK has nuclear weapons; he pursues ridiculous personal feuds, e.g. against Rosie O’Donnell and against Sadiq Khan; he has run two election campaigns on the basis of false allegations against his opponents; he has made bizarre comments about Ivanka, including telling Howard Stern that it was acceptable to call her “a piece of a*s”; he fat-shamed a beauty pageant winner. One could go on and on really.

Outside the US, people are appalled that anybody can vote for this man. The qualities that we look for in a politician are things like dignity, decency, and honour. That is why we admire Jimmy Carter so much. That is why even Margaret Thatcher’s strongest critics are able to recount numerous stories of her kindness to everybody from Cabinet ministers to her secretaries, domestic staff, and police protection officers and even to children who wrote letters to her and received personal replies. It is also why we have such a low opinion of politicians who have disgraced themselves in particularly egregious ways, such as Jeffrey Archer, Jonathan Aitken, and Cecil Parkinson.


That’s actually a plus to us. Most Americans really don’t care what foreigners think of us or our president.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

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I don’t think those guys are weighing in much these days

No such thing, just people that think “Orange man bad”.

Perhaps not. Speaking for myself, I find Trump profoundly embarrassing on the world stage and I roll my eyes at the Americans who love to broadcast how little they care about the rest of the world. It’s just kind of a dumb thing to be proud of. Just one American’s opinion.


This is going to sound mean, but we don’t really care.

We have problems of our own and the fact that some folks overseas might frown is incredibly unimportant.

Not to mention that the news you get isn’t as accurate as you think it is.


I’m not sure you are speaking for “most” Americans. Perhaps a large number but many people care very much about our standing and opinions of other nations. We recognize the global nature of our economies and who we might have to turn to if we ever need help…or they need ours. We ended our isolationist demeanor after two world wars and we burst upon the world as the successful democracy we were.

I’m shamed and embarrassed at how Trump has treated our friends across the sea and his admiration of national leaders that are repugnant to our US ideals. Please, don’t place me in your isolationist bubble.


I guess we’ll find out tomorrow how most Americans feel.

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Oh, I think they are. And we will surely care about our allies (not that we don’t now) when we need them, and that day may be sooner rather than later.

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Can’t be the leader of the free world if no one is looking at you to lead.

I mean, I’m not saying it should be the deciding factor in how you vote or anything. But proclaiming that we do what we want and don’t care what anyone else thinks makes us sound like obnoxious trolls. I don’t want the American id to be Cartman from South Park.


Free world subsidized by slave labor in China.

That’s been exactly American foreign policy since at least the early 2000s though.

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