A Question for Converts

Attention Converts,

**Can you remember just what it was that “captured you” or made you finally decide to go ahead and be Baptised Catholic. :thumbsup: **

**For me, at age 23 or 24, it was the fact that the Catholic Church was built by Jesus Christ Himself on the Rock (Peter) ; therefore, it is the oldest Christian Church. It’s the Church of Jesus Christ. That was the deciding factor for me. What’s your’s?:tiphat: **

I too chose the Catholic Church as my new home because of it’s history. I did some research to determine which Church was closest to the early Church described in Acts, and that’s when I found out that the Catholic Church has a clear line back to Peter.

While that was the deciding factor, the gravy has to be the 2000 years worth of writings that are available. It seems like everytime I meditate on a mystery or a teaching, I am able to find a very insightful writing on it by a member of the church that helps me to develop a better understanding (at least as much of an understanding as my human brain can attain).

I converted to Orthodoxy because of the

2000 years worth of writings that are available

then converted to Catholicism because of

the clear line back to Peter

which enabled those 2000 years worth of writings to be interpreted correctly as new circumstances arose over the centuries.

  1. The eucharist
  2. Petrine ministry (despite reservations over past and current administration of the ministry, but bad behaviour does not invalidate the office)
  3. An unshakable feeling that the Catholic Church is my home.

**Kaygee, **

**What do you mean by using the word Orthodoxy?:confused: **

Do you mean the same thing that G.K. Chesterton means when using the word?

**Or do you mean Greek Orthodox? Just wondering.:slight_smile: **

**What do you mean by using the word Orthodoxy?:confused: **

Eastern Orthodoxy – in communion with Constantinople. I’m now Greek-Catholic.

Sorry for the confusion – I stand corrected.

I ought to know better having been asked many times by well meaning Christians – “So, you’re now Orthodox, why did you leave Christianity for Judaism?”:banghead:

I was praying during the opening moments of Communion. As I was praying, I heard Jesus say, “Why do you continue to deny yourself recieving me. When will you come to my banquet?”

It was pretty simple after that.

I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness (JWs) and became a Missouri Synod Lutheran in the late 1990’s.

When I became active as a evangelist and was working with people leaving the JWs, they started asking me historical questions about Christianity.

As I read the early Church Fathers, I started to see Catholicism in the early Church.

When I read Scott Hahn’s book on the Mass and the book of Revelation, I knew I had to come home. The JWs come out of the adventist tradition. Hahn points out that the Mass is a trip to heaven and a foretaste of our ultimate goal. I realized that if I ever wanted to be a truly fulfilled adventist I needed to become a Catholic. The Mass is the highlight of my day!!!

Jeff S.

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