A question for Fatima devotees


I’m not a Fatima devotee per se. I don’t know all the details about it, but I do believe that it happened, and try to follow faithfully the first Saturday devotions and pray a daily rosary for peace. Here is my question.

Sometimes, I stay up so late reading that it’s pretty much the next day, and I still haven’t prayed my rosary. Like now. It’s 4:30 AM and I haven’t prayed it yet.

When I pray novenas, I’m really strict as to doing them at least before midnight. Should I be this strict when doing rosaries? I’m thinking the Queen of the Universe shouldn’t deserve any less :slight_smile: but is there really any rule to this…?? Just curious, and hopefully it will push me to do my rosary.

I don’t know. For all you daily rosary prayers out there, what do you usually do if you realize it’s “too late” to do a rosary? I just want to know what other Catholics do, out of curiosity now. :shrug:

Several people tell me that if you fall asleep during a rosary, your Guardian Angel finishes it for you.

And then I hear of saints who would tie their hair to the wall to keep from falling asleep. :hmmm:


I wouldn’t worry about the timing of the daily rosary. Just get it prayed before or after midnight. Timing is not important. Remember time is a human invention. God’s time is timeless.


That’s absloutely right.

I sometimes want to pray the rosary, but fall asleep instead :(. I need to learn how to put down the book or turn off the TV and start earlier…



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