A question for fellow men regarding The Sacrament of Holy Communion


Good morning…

Unfortunately, last night i was weak and i ended up masturbating while looking at a picture of a woman, she was dressed… I know i committed a horrible sin. Today i went to church for among other things to confess my sin, my local church offers reconciliation services on Sundays. However, the priest wasn’t available, i went at two different times but the priest wasn’t there. There are two other churches which i attend, however they don’t offer reconciliation services on Sundays, they only do it on Wednesdays and Saturdays… so my question is this… i wanted to attend mass everyday of this week, but it makes me sad to attend mass and not receive communion… would it be a sin if i received communion without having confessed this sin?
thank you.


To receive Holy Communion while in a state of mortal sin would be another mortal sin. When I have been in a position such as you are now, I called the parish office and made an appointment to see a priest at his earliest opportunity. For me, at this point in my life, extricating myself from the state of mortal sin trumps everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING else, going on in my life.

If nothing else, attend the next Mass without receiving Communion and ask the priest after Mass if he would hear your confession. He will. If he is pressed for time, it may be the two of you standing in a corner somewhere, but you will get the Blessed Relief that you so desire.

I will pray for you...



A mortal sin requires three elements. You may not have committed a mortal sin.
Can you help yourself or are you unable to resist the desire?

Therein lies your answer.


FIRST - go to confession as you intended.

SECOND (AFTER CONFESSION) - you may receive communion at Mass since you’ve gone through the rite of reconciliation…

You know what to do. Never take communion when you’re committed mortal sin.


To me receiving Christ in a state of mortal sin, is as despicable, as urinating on the Church Steps. That´s me. Have I ever done it? Not yet. Pray for me. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


I received Holy Communion a few days after I committed the same sin, and I had never felt so guilty about anything in my entire life. To receive the Lord in a state of mortal sin is to eat and drink your own damnation. DO NOT DO IT. Go to Confession as soon as possible, and if you still want to go to Mass, go, it could be a humbling experience to not be able to partake in the Body and Blood of Christ.


This helps me a lot too. I wish I didn't struggle with this sin so much. Please pray for me.


[quote="bolinstephen, post:7, topic:335955"]
This helps me a lot too. I wish I didn't struggle with this sin so much. Please pray for me.


I find that most priests are willing to hear a quick confession before or after Mass. If before Mass, arrive before the priest arrives and as soon as you see him, ask for a quick confession. If after Mass, hang around near the priest and as soon as he is done greeting all of the people, ask for a quick confession. Quick means, confess your mortal sin(s) and leave it at that. When asking for a quick confession, don't ramble or confess venial sins because the priest has things to get done before Mass. Prayers offered. :)


Ask the priest to hear your confession before Mass. If it doesn't work out, ask him to hear it after Mass. It is good to receive the Eucharist often- but often doesn't necessarily mean every day (though I recommend it if you are able). You must never, ever receive it in a state of mortal sin. The spiritual harm caused by doing so is unimaginable.


If it makes you sad that you cannot receive Holy Communion, offer that pain up to God as an act of humility and remorse. It is a lesson in the gravity of what you have done, and hopefully one well-learned. We are weak human beings and we fall, but Confession is a sacrament of mercy and reconciliation. A mortal sin is a mortal sin, and committing it out of weakness or deliberately does not change the fact that it’s a mortal sin - so you must refrain from receiving Communion because you commit sacrilege if you decide to choose to receive anyway, which is THE mortal sin of mortal sins!! Jesus joyfully welcomes repentant sinners with open arms but you must take responsibility for it. Staying away from Mass because you are sad at not being able to receive Holy Communion is playing into the devil’s claws, because the further away from God he can get you, the better for him. Go to Confession at the first opportunity. In my diocese, we have to wait until the weekends, and then it’s only available for half an hour; pray to God for assistance, humble yourself, allow the regret to make an impact on your decision not to sin like that again, and then give great joy and praise to God when you are reconciled! We forget how dangerous mortal sin is, but “there is more joy in Heaven over one repentant sinner than many just…” :slight_smile:


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