A Question for Greek Orthodox

Last night I was watching a reality TV show concerning a Greek family with a daughter in the entertainment field. This particular show featured the live-in non Greek boyfriend converting to the Greek Orthodox faith. The couple was openly and proudly living together (they were not interested in marriage). Assuming that some pre-conversion counseling/catachesis was done, I was surprised that the priest would allow either of them to receive communion or to allow him to convert in a state of mortal sin and in such a public display. Could someone let me know what was going on here?

That’s about where I stopped.

While the teaching of the Church is that you marry before you live together, it is a personal issue between the couple and their spiritual father. We the laity are not to issue judgement, we don’t know all the facts.

Yes, I agree that I don’t know all of the facts and that is why it is a scandal and affront to the Greek Orthodox religion and it’s faithful to celebrate sin in such a public display without any mention of God. Only marriage bashing by the couple. Really disappointing. This ceremony should have been done in private. This couple is also going to have children prior to marriage. The Greek Orthodox religion not just a social club for Greeks but a devotion to God. :frowning:

As I said, the issue is between the couple, their priest, and God.

I think the Greek Orthodox are well aware of what their faith is since they have paid to hold on to it with rivers of blood and centuries of oppression.

I think the EO have a different understanding of the concept of mortal sin than the RC:


At worst, you would have to say that the Greek priest is just acting wrongly. The Greek Orthodox are not immune to liberalism and secularism. I am sure we could find at least one Catholic priest who has wrongly condoned sin in a similar way.

Well its not good, that’s for certain. Cohabitation certainty isn’t something which any Christian should do.

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