A Question for Jews: Is this Anti-Semitic?

Ben Masada made the implication in another thread that the mere existence of the New Testament (regardless of what it does or doesn’t say) is in itself anti-Semitic. That the fact that Christians claim that there is additional revelation beyond that which the Jews recognize is an act of racism. Do other Jews here hold this view?

Well if you read Ben post you will see he is here to bash Christians,what do you call that ,and this is a Christian board.

Ben also claims there is no resurrection. Kinda shows you his credibility, don’t it?

Don’t know about Jewish reaction, but to me it sounds like the thriving industry of Professional Indignation.

But even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and a while. Are there no other Jews here to say whether ‘yes, that is what we as Jews think’ or ‘no, where did you get such a silly idea’?

If I were a Jew, I would hold that view.

I would believe that Catholics hijacked Jewish tradition while accusing Jews of not recognizing their own Messiah. And I’d be pretty upset about it.

Then would you agree with Ben’s analogy and consider Mormons racist against all the Christians who don’t have the Book of Mormon?

I think most of them left…

But anyways, regardless of what Jews think, the New Testament isn’t anti-semetic because a) it dosen’t discriminate or show hostility toward the Jews, b) the Gospel of Matthew was written for Jews, and c) Jewish Christians wrote the books of the NT.

I don’t know because I am willfully ignorant of the Mormon belief system.

I consider their founder an unoriginal immitator of Muhammed and his religion an also-ran.

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Mormons hold a third book – the Book of Mormon – as an additional revelation (kind of like a third testament). Ben tried to imply that Christians should feel offended by the Mormons who are acting racist against Christians simply because Mormons claim a third divinely revealed book; just as Ben feels Christians are racist towards Jews simply because of the New Testament’s existence.


I have suspected for many months that Ben is really a former fundie Christian convert to Judaism.

His suggested attitude toward Mormons by Christians only serves to justify his claim of racism by Christians toward Jews.

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