A question for the men... about women kissing

Why do men find it attractive when 2 women kiss? Even the ones who agree that it is morally wrong to kiss people of the same sex, still cant help but find it attractive when 2 women kiss. I don’t understand the appeal… is this something that is hard wired in males? And if so, why would God put it there?

I don’t get it either and I’m a guy.

Oh wow, you exist!!! Lol.

Hopefully someone will answer and shed some light!

Men are quite visually stimulated, and I can assure you we like to watch attractive women do virtually anything! Not virtually, I can say watching attractive women doing absolutely anything.

But there seems to be something particularly attractive about women kissing each other vs women kissing other men or women kissing their dogs, etc.

I’m a man, and I’ve never found two women kissing stimulating in any way, and I was
addicted to pornography for 30yrs.


Most men find women attractive.

We’re pretty simple. Our brains work like this: if one is good, two is better. For many men, this translates into liking to watch twice the stimulation occurring at once.

Ironically, it can also serve as a type of inverted homophobia. Guys who are troubled by seeing other men in a state of attraction or arousal can get around having to sort through their emotions by simply removing the offending party–watching that dude kiss that chick is troubling, because it raises uncomfortable sympathies. So, replace the dude with a chick. Problem solved.

I think that the fact that it is somewhat taboo makes it more alluring for some. Doesn’t work for me.:o

What’s better than 1 woman? 2!

Male sexuality is a turn-off. Lesbianism does not have male sexuality. Straight kissing does have male sexuality.

Men have very strong disgust reactions to a display of male sexuality. It’s actually a fairly well-documented phenomenon.


Also interesting that NO women find two men kissing to be enjoyable either, nearly everyone finds this utterly disgusting and repulsive!

I cant explain why we like to see 2 women kissing or being together sexually, but I will admit I have this weakness too, i think its something about them being feminine, because while most men like to see 2 women together like this, they DO NOT like to see the typical gay females involved in this, like the women that look more manly than most men…I dont know any guy that would like to see these types of women kissing or more! That would be a turn off to me…has to be 2 feminine women for it to be enjoyable.

wow, your causing me to think when I only considered it as a joke. Hummm let’s see…I got it. Mans animalistic instinct to want to dominate a harem of gorgeous over sexualized women. I can be wrong :blush:

No women? I mean, NO women? Reeeeally? How do you figure?:confused:

That’s not true. I’ve known a number of woman who are definitely attracted to such a display. Women tend to be less visual than men however so those who are “into” it, tend to be more into written porn than visual porn. They don’t just want the visual stuff but all the emotional touchy feely stuff as well

The internet is loaded with it!

Most slash is written by straight women, for straight women. Not by or for gay men.

I can honestly say ALL the females Ive known in my life, which this topic has come up, NONE have liked the idea of 2 men together, but I was wrong to use the term ALL/ NO women, when I clearly cannot know what ALL women prefer.

The existence of Yaoi as a genre (and a very popular one apparently) suggests that many girls do like the idea of two guys together. :twocents:

Warning: the link above, while it is just to the Wikipaedia page explaining Yaoi, does contain a couple of potentially offensive images. For those who don’t want to risk it, Yaoi is roughly speaking fiction portraying gay male romances, but aimed at young female audiences and often by young women.

i as a person born female (pansexual) find two males together to be highly arousing

I don’t ever recall having a discussion about this but I was aware that a significant number of women do find two men kissing pleasant to one degree or another.

As mentioned by others Yaoi is one example, as is slash. On the Geek board on Pinterest you’ll find as least one example of slash at any given time and I could easily give you a list of the most popular ships. Also, straight women made a significant portion of viewership of Queer as Folk. That’s why I was surprised you haven’t encountered it and were so emphatic that NO women would want to see it.

I’ve posted on this before but I will again. The shipping of slash relationships is interesting to me, but frustrating. Since women are the biggest producers and fans of slash my query is directed toward women - so, many women have wanted to see a gentler, softer side of men; men could show physical (not sexual) affection to another man without anyone/everyone calling it gay. So what do they do? Sexualize relationships between straight male characters. To me it’s a step back.

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