A question for those who subscribe to pre-destination

Should those people who have been pre-destined into Hell love God? And what did these people do wrong, to end up into Hell?

A third question to add to the above: how do those who believe in predestination explain evil in the first place?

Good question for those who believe in Calvinist predestination, but do remember that there are other versions of predestination that are more acceptable. The word predestination is in the Bible, but anyone who goes to hell goes there through their own fault.

There are sons of the Evil One and
sons of God in the parables of Jesus,
however, we DO have free will and
can CHOOSE Christ, who “died for
ALL, that those who live should no
longer live for THEMSELVES but
for Him who died and rose again
ON THEIR BEHALF.” 2 Cor. 5:15

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