A question for Trump voters

Ok, so I get that he would help stop abortions and stuff and don’t get me wrong I’m anti-abortion but like if Hitler was going to stop abortion would you vote for him? I know abortion is a real problem but don’t you think we need a better strategy than four more years of Trump?

First off. No I would not vote for Hitler. Secondly I also like Trump’s no nonsense foreign policy + a Strong Spine. Peace deals with Israel. Lower taxes, Less regulation/red tape, better trade deals, standing up to China and his unwillingness to bow down to Cancel Culture, PC Culture and Woke.


I’m not American, I’m not sure what you mean by four years of terror ?

actually terror is a strong word so i changed it but basically he’s handled covid terribly, separated kids from their parents, and has said some very racist stuff among other things

All of which are false/debated from the perspective of someone who voted for him, most likely. You do realize that what you or your social group thinks is not always true for everyone else, right?


Do you have one?

I mean, if Biden resuscitates the Obama era HHS contraceptive mandate, my family’s economic security is in jeopardy.


ok but he still did the separating kids stuff and thats fact

And the Trump supporter would respond that Obama also separated children and parents; that it’s been standard procedure for many years. And yet, it wasn’t an issue for him.



One that Trump has tremendously well answered.

He has done well these past four years.

That is a highly subjective judgement.
I think he has done remarkably well with what has been handed him.

You mean separated criminals from the children they have with them?

No , in spite of what the media has said, he has not.

You should check your sources more carefully before making such claims.


Case and point, this response. What you believe to be fact based on your experiences and information input may not be so for others.

Before attempting to inflame emotions with highly controversial accusations, one should make sure they are on solid ground instead of media hype.


Wow… Godwin in 1. :man_facepalming:


I see we have here another case of “Everybody I Don’t Like Is Hitler”. And yes, Godwin’s Law.

OP, if you would actually like me to substantively respond to this (please note that in responding I am not indicating that I voted either for or against Trump as I do not discuss how I personally voted), please put up a credible and thoughtful post. Trump is not Hitler any more than Joe Biden is Antichrist.


I’ve made it abundantly clear in the past few weeks that I’ve found very little to admire in Trump but comparing him to Hitler is absolutely not on my radar. Comparing most people, including Trump, to the person who got 6 million into the systematic extermination of an entire people really cheapens what happened.

Best to find another scenario to discuss.


I, unlike many others here, actually like that comparison. When Hitler came into power in the Reichstag, his rhetoric was so compelling and convincing that the Germans went for it. He played on key fears that was shared amongst them and promised that if he got into power, that he would “make Germany great again” (that was the actual quote he used, but in German). Hitler saw that Germany was no longer the one power in the world and he wanted that status back because of how ‘easy-going’ the Weimar Republic was. He wanted to reintroduce traditional values, and didn’t care if he had to use immoral means to get into power; once he was there, he planned to stay.

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Oh well, plenty of politicians use immoral means to stay in power. Sounds more like the Clintons, perhaps, than Trump. So what?

Yeah, I’m fine with people liking or disliking a politician, or even vehemently liking or disliking a politician, but the comparisons to genocidal dictators really don’t fly. We don’t even have a war on so it’s not like Vietnam era when people blamed LBJ for causing war deaths.

The reason this question is problematic was that Hitler’s government was killing people. They were killing (euthanizing) the mentally retarded and infirm. Then they moved on to killing ethnic groups, such as the Jews.


Once Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer (by combining the Office of President and Chancellor into ONE office–Fuhrer), he most certainly did NOT advocate for traditional values, unless, like him, you consider a marriage between a Jew and a pure German to be a joining of a human with a beast.

One of the most detestable programs that Hitler started (actually, Himmler got it up and running) was the Lebensborn program. Because the Third Reich needed more people, especially men, to serve in their SS and their military, Himmler urged his SS men to impregnate as many women as they could (of course, with no marriage). These women, who were considered heroes to the Reich, lived in Lebensborn homes where they gave birth to children who were then raised as good little Nazis.

And Hitler certainly didn’t support freedom of religion–the NEW religion was a form of Aryanism, and the “Old Gods” like Wotan were worshipped. In fact, I just learned that when Pres. Hindenburg died, at his funeral, the liturgy was changed to read “he will be 'welcomed into Valhalla” instead of “welcomed into heaven.” Even before he took power, Hitler was eliminating traditional Christanity.

These are just a few examples of how Hitler and his henchmen undermined “traditional values.” Many more–the camps and genocide are just the most public examples.


Here is what bothers me. The people who the Democrats wish to increase taxes on worked hard to get the money they earn. Now, people do not understand basic economics. If you tax the owners of the businesses who create the goods we consume the price of the goods go up because they have to pay more. If you decrease taxes on business owners the price of goods go down. Government assistance also is created to be a helping hand for those in need. If you lose your job, have difficult with child care, difficulty paying for a higher degree their are Government programs to help. BUT, the problems is if you give enough hand outs and assistance eventually there will be those who feel entitled to this assistance and will do no work to earn it themselves, even though they are capable. Government should be a short term asset and help with employment nd education should be provided to cease the use of Government assistance. As a Church we should not have to recognize homosexual marriages, which from what I understand they are trying to take this to court again so the Churches lose funding if they refuse this. We should not be forced to bend our beliefs because of them. There are other issues to but this is a lot to type.

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