A question for you young people out there

Ohhhhh I also forgot to mention “The Night Gallery.” I like that, too.

Basically, anything Rod Serling touched turned to gold. What a brilliant man.

I’m 29 but even back when I was still young I would have said yes.

I’m almost 22 and I regularly watch What’s My Line and reruns of Fulton Sheen’s programs. There’s also Star Trek (although I’m leaning towards the TNG than TOS nowadays). I have seen The Twilight Zone a few times and back in elementary school, I was a bit obsessed with Little House on the Prairie.

And I’m almost forgot! I loved watching Three’s Company growing up. Can’t go wrong with John Ritter! :wink:

I’m in my mid-thirties. Love older shows and movies the best. Love Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour, Little House, Gunsmoke…

Love Jimmy Stewart, Lombard, Stanwyck, MacMurray, John Wayne…

No, I dislike them all… Why?

I’m 21 and I’ll go way back into the days of the Three Stooges. My grandfather was a huge fan of that show and he showed me a couple of episodes and I thought it was very funny. :smiley:

I also enjoy watching Sanford & Son every now and then too because my dad was a fan of that show and he showed it to me and I liked it as well. :smiley:

I am 17 by the way. My family has always watched older TV Shows. My favorite TV series is COMBAT! which ran 5 seasons and started in 1962. I’ve also watched many seasons of Hogan’s Heroes, McHale’s Navy, and Leave it to Beaver. I’ve seen some episodes of Star Trek, Bonanza, Rawhide, I Dream of Jeanie, The Dick Van **** Show, the Brady Bunch, Gun Smoke, and Get Smart. So yea I’ve seen a good number of older TV shows compared to a lot of kids I guess.

Like I said my favorite TV series is Combat. Dick Van **** can be pretty funny from the episodes I’ve seen. Rawhide is a very good show. Bonanza is really hit or miss. They have some really good episodes and then some really dumb ones. McHale’s Navy and Hogan’s Heroes are both really funny, they get too repetitive after a while though. You start wanting Colonel Klink and Captain Binghamton to win after a while :D. Star Trek is a pretty solid TV series, pretty revolutionary for its time. The Brady Bunch is really typical 60s kinda dumb though my mother loved it when she was little :). Get Smart is funny the first few times, then it gets old fast.

Hit or miss like anything.

Im 18. Gilligans Island, Cosby Kids, Andy Griffin, Sanford and Sons, Full House. Those are some kickin’ TV Shows. I can’t stand television, but every once in awhile I’ll put those on…

Forgot to mention Little House on the Prairie. That was a really great show too.

Sanford and Son counts?

The best American TV is Sanford and Son and Married with Children. All the modern comedy central stuff is just… pitiful.

Who doesn’t love Hotel Paradiso :slight_smile:
A scene:

a long time ago, before the TV LAND television station was created…NICK@Nite on Nickelodeon showed classics like My Three Sons, Donna Reed, Patty Duke, Leave it to Beaver and Mr Ed. I watched Mr Ed sometimes when I was a kid. And when TBS showed The Brady Bunch reruns weekday afternoons, I would try to catch that when I got home from school. My favorite episodes were the Grand Canyon ones, especially when they were stuck in the ghost town.

Whoh, whoh, whoh… married with children is not old. I watched that when I was a youngster. But still, Al was such a grump, wasn’t he…? :smiley:

I don’t watch older TV, but I watch older movies and listen to all kinds of music from past generations - the quality was much higher back then, and I don’t just mean morally speaking!

Yurp, I used to. Growing up with old parents, I was exposed to tons of older movies and shows, some of which my mom still watches. I don’t really watch any of the shows anymore though.

Not that old but funny and dated. These days the humour is just not that good. There’s a heated argument about Seinfeld in another thread, but personally I don’t think I’ve watched more than 20 minutes of Seinfeld in my life and have never found it appealing, nor the humour funny. Married with Children or Sanford and Son on the other hand are hilarious, even today.

I like The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

I know it is not really old, but I love Golden Girls.

I grew up watching re-runs (I’m 27), and I think the best shows are from the '70’s. My favorites are:

WKRP in Cincinnati
Bob Newhart Show
Mary Tyler Moore
All in the Family
Fawlty Towers
Are You Being Served?
Carol Burnett (well, many episodes. Some were sorta dopey…)
Monty Python
The Jeffersons

MTM had the best cast and script writing of any show for some time. It’s still fresh today.

I do love old episodes of tv shows! Some of my favorites are Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, Dennis the Menace, Dick Van ****, and I Love Lucy. :smiley:

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