A Question: Marriage


I agree It is not a great situation to have an adult or almost-adult child staying with parents all in one room (not a suite with separate bedrooms) so that the parents must ask the child to take a little walk when they want “private time” whether it is for sex or not. However, I can see such a situation arising for a lot of reasons, including the types of rooms available or how much money the family could afford to pay for a room.

Whether it was caused by necessity or just poor judgment by the parents, it still doesn’t create a right for the kid to be the morals police on the parents’ sex life, any more than it would if they were all living in the family home and the mom and dad said “We’re retiring to our room now, wink wink.”


It’s possible that a diocese might simply ask the person to swear that they never attempted validation.

Then again, we know that no one is ever less than completely honest when talking about marital matters to Church representatives, right? :rofl: :frowning:


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