A question on All Saints

I attend the TLM. Since Nov. 1 is on a Monday this year, does that mean the Mass of All Saints should be celebrated tomorrow (Sun.) instead of Monday?

No, of course not. Tomorrow is Christ the King in the old calendar (since 1925).

You should not attend anything about saints because that is FALSE WORSHIP! God wants exclusive devotion to him, no saints.

It is NOT false worship. When a person honors the saints he is attributing to God their sanctification. They could not have been sanctified without Him. They are models for us, and we hope to become more like them by the grace of God.

You’re right! WORSHIP is for God alone! We do not worship the Saints, we honor them and seek to imitate their devotion to God!!!

As an agnostic why would you even want God worshipped?

No, it isn’t one of the Solemnities that are transferred to Sunday. It remains Monday, but is not a Day of Obligation in the U.S. at least.

I am speaking for our diocese and those with which I am familiar. From what is said in another thread, it may be that some dioceses transfer it, but I haven’t seen it discussed anyplace.

I thought our local OF parish had decided to celebrate All Saints this sunday but that is not the case. However, they are doing a daily Mass on Monday to celebrate it. Lots of requests for it to be done. Normally they don’t do a Monday Mass. They are even doing an All Souls Mass. (Not a Requiem) but the OF version.

So I’ll celebrate Christ the King at my EF parish tomorrow.

I was also looking for an answer to whether or not I had to attend Mass on Monday. I did google this and the rule I found was that when All Saints Day fell on a Monday, the duty to attend Mass was abrogated. This is per the Bishops of the US.

I went to Sunday Mass on Saturday however. So I’m confused.

I would prefer to not go. Not because I don’t want to but because I am night vision impaired and have to go in the evening and drive down a bad road.

Or I could go to Mass again today.

If I have to go on Monday, of course, I will regardless. But I’m just not clear on why the duty is abrogated if you don’t celebrate All Saint’s Day on Sunday (or Sat in my case) because we didn’t.

You do not commit sin, if you do not go to Mass on Monday.

You may celebrate the All Saints Mass by reading from your missal, meditate of the feast, reading the full or partial office, reciting the Litany of All Saints or many other ways.

The duty is abrogated when All Saints falls on Saturday or Monday in order to avoid imposing undue hardship on the faithful by having two Holy Days of Obligation (which Sunday is) back to back. So you don’t have to go to Mass on Monday, something you should avoid if you are a danger on the road at night.

Putting yourself and the public at risk by driving when your night vision is impaired is definitely a good reason to miss Mass, even if the obligation were there. If you doubt that, check with your priest.

Thanks for all your replies! I was under the impression that All Saints was transferred to Sunday (who knows why–it’s not like I’ve never attended the All Saints mass before).
Of course I know not to worship saints. No real Catholic does.

It was announced at Mass this morning in my FSSP-TLM parish, that Nov. 1st is indeed a Holy Day of Obligation for us, three Masses will be celebrated. Being traditional means more than merely attending an EF Mass once a week.

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