A question on how God communicates

Saint John said “Holy Spirit resides in your body, will teach you everything and remind what Jesus said”.
[if you are sinless].

Which teachings/when has the Pope spoken “ex-cathedra” ?

I would say that psalm is no exaggeration. It is testament to the context of the times and the level of animosity of the Jewish people against their enemies. While these psalms may be inspired by their God they are not inspirations from their God. Unless you believe the author of all prayer and praise IS God.

What are we to say that is exaggerated by the biblical creation stories? That God created the earth and heavens? That Adam and Eve were individuals that lived in the Garden of Eden? Perhaps that the Garden itself was an exaggerated perfection? I don’t think simile and metaphor are expressions of exaggeration.

As far as the story of Noah goes, what do you think was an exaggeration and not an outright error? The Ark? I would say given the exactitude of its given description in the bible it either existed as is or was recorded in error. The flood? I don’t think its description was intended to be expressed as exaggeration either. If it were this would render the rest of the narrative irrelevant to our current condition as far as origins go rendering its purpose a moot point in sacred scripture. If the story of Noah can be rendered an exaggerated fairy tale so may the life of Abraham and so it goes.

So would you agree then that when it comes to acts of God, his communications to man, his demonstrations, desires and revelations, the use of hyperbole by God would be out of the question lest it muddle the truth being past on to mankind in that dealing with God and his unique abilities we would not be able to wholly and easily tell what was literal and what was hyperbole?

Any seemingly impossible action or statement supposedly done or made by God.

I would agree with you…parables contain truth and pass this truth on in the manner in which they are constituted to do. Would you say though that parables are commandments of God or teaching instruments? And swinging back to exaggeration, would you say parables are exaggeration or an entirely different means of imparting wisdom?

I agree. I believe when Christ makes a statement concerning an actual existent reality he said what he meant and meant what he said…agree?

Wouldn’t it be in the human perception because humanity lacks Gods infinities, So that what is deemed an impossible exaggeration by man may be a literal truth from God?

I don’t think you read my statement correctly. I don’t think you meant that every time the Pope speaks ex cathedra he is not accurate etc.

No exaggerating there I take it. Literally true and accurate if it is from God. Correct?

For instance when God declares to Abraham, “I will make you descendants as numerous as the stars in the heavens.” Wouldn’t it

seem to you that this is exaggeration by God?

Thank you for your comment. No exaggeration there huh.

Analogies are helpful for teaching.

An actual existent reality? I’m not even sure what that means.

I have not read all the replies, but I might have a different perspective. I have learned a lot about the subject just by being married to my wife. There are times she will very greatly exaggerate, especially if I am too intent on a literal interpretation of her words. I’ve learned that she will often exaggerate to illustrate the strength of her feelings. At those times it is a very big mistake to take her literally.

We all do this in fact. Perhaps we notice it more when others do it, and not so much when we ourselves do it. If we are made in the image of God, then perhaps he does this as well.

I try to remember that God has very deep emotions, far deeper than my own, and our human language probably limits me from fully comprehending the depth of his emotions.

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My “yes” was to the second part of your question “without exaggeration…”

God IS truth.

The challenge is, many people will claim or errantly believe they hear God speaking directly to them, in a private revelation, and act as if it is public revelation.

It means just what it says. A reality that is in existence and has that actuality at the time it is being spoken of. This in contrast to, for instance, a theoretical reality, unproven in its actuality. Only God can speak of reality literally. Man speaks of reality either via divine revelation or theoretically. Man can never speak of literal reality from his own comprehension.

When God speaks to man he speaks to man literally and without exaggeration with regards to that portion of reality that man has been given to understand at his level of limited comprehension. Would you agree with that?

Setting aside a serious discussion of what being made in the image of man exactly entails, and there is much to unpack there, let us consider that while exaggeration in mankind may serve its illustrative purposes at times it is actually an example of human limitation. Hyperbolic statements impart their message from a precarious perch which all too readily can slip into the abyss of misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and misuse. Whereas the word of God should be considered the literal truth.
For instance. Where a man might say " I will knock you to the moon!" one might imagine various degrees of assault being perpetrated against oneself but given a knowledge of the limitations of humans, actually being knocked to the moon would not cause one to want to don a space suit first.
Now contrast that with God say the same. Who wouldn’t rush to suit up? Who among us would not consider the literal possibility of Gods words? Why is it that our first impressions with humans is that the spoken seemingly impossible is immediately assumed to be hyperbole but with God our first impression is that the words spoken is the literal truth?
Is this a clue that God is bound to imparting the literal truth?

I agree with that possibility. Would you say that when God speaks openly to all people he speaks only the literal truth. God is in fact, in his dealings with mankind, literal when telling them what to do and how to behave?

God has revealed His laws on faith and morals to His Church.

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