A question on petitioning for an Anullment

So it looks like I’m going to be going through the process for a second time of seeing if my marriage is valid.
The first was found invalid.
Does anyone know if the tribuneral will use material from the first petition? I had written out many pages and don’t have a copy ,but I’m guessing they could be held at the parish office …I really don’t know…

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Why are you going through this again if a decision has been rendered?

Sorry, just to clarify,my first marriage was found invalid,
this is the second marriage.

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Perhaps @TheLittleLady may know ?

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You need to speak with someone at the Tribunal office.


Ok,thank you :slight_smile:

Is the second marriage to a different person?

Yes it is Dlee.

So your on marriage #3 now?

No :slight_smile: My husband of my second marriage has asked for divorce and is going to petition.

Oh, so sorry to hear about that. Marriage is so difficult in today’s age. It almost takes a miracle for marriages to last a lifetime.

Thanks.Oh well,i have enough people in my life who have very good catholic marriages ,so that is encouraging.

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well, I don’t know for sure, but in my opinion, I would think not, since it’s a different marriage with a different person. So it’s like an entire new case to them


It will be interesting to find out .As I petitioned last time it was very very helpful ,and if my husband petitions it will also help him greatly

Speak to fiona, she will set you on the right path.


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They will be starting a new case with new testimony and new witnesses.


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