A question on Pro-Life issues. Simi trick question


Okay I’m sure where to put this so I am placing it here.

What would you think if I had just learned from a friend of mine that is a witch that whole covens tend to gather outside of abortion clinics and offer up the dead children to there Gods?

Yes I am going somewhere and I’ll admit this is a simi trick question.

This does go on. Only not at abortion mills. The covens gather outside of prisons and offer up the death of the executed prisoners.

Also found this link

Now do you still feel the same way?



True, capital punishment probably has killed innocent men and the death of one inocent man is truly abhorrent.


Abortion kills all innocent babies. Let’s keep these two issues in the proper perspective.

Abortion will be the death of us as a civilization, not capital punishment.

Besides, the website you listed identifies the number of prisoners executed by George Bush. George Bush has not been the governor of Texas for a really long time. The website seriously needs updating. If you really expect us to jump onboard your bandwagon then current issues would be nice.

Witchcraft is an issue as is all satanic practice but I don’t think them offering up executed prisoners is amounting to much.

Eddie Mac
Bush supporter for the most part.
Death penaltry advocate.
Innocent aborted baby supporter to the core.


My point wasn’t over stats. The point was if this was outside an abortion mill people here would be foaming at the mouth and going wild about how this proves abortion is Satanic.


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