A question on Sacraments of Initiation?


Good Morning All,

I have a question regarding the sequencing and progression through the Sacraments of Initiation for an adult, baptized Catholic person. The individual concerned was baptized Catholic as an infant and never proceeded through First Reconciliation, First Eucharist or Confirmation. She recently enrolled into and is processing through an RCIA program administered by the New York Archdiocese at a local University that will culminate with her receiving First Holy Eucharist and Confirmation at Easter Vigil Mass this year.

However, she continues to attend mass weekly with her family at her local catholic parish. At Communion, she always goes up with the procession, arms crossed, to receive a blessing, much like the little children. By the way, she’s 25.

During advent she was urged by the parish paster to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which she did. I don’t believe the priest realized that she was attending an RCIA Program and that it was her “First Reconciliation.” She proceeded through the Reconcilation process without any difficulty and the parish priest granted her absolution.

My question is, “Given she has received absolution through her First Reconciliation, can she receive Holy Eucharist now, or should she wait to receive that initiation Sacrament at Easter along with the Sacrament of Confirmation with her RCIA class?”



She should discuss this with her pastor. One question is: Did she make a valid general confession? Did she tell the priest-confessor that it was her first confession? Follow the pastor’s advice.


Hmm once she has been adequately formed and a priest agrees that is the case she can receive her first Holy Communion. I expect the priest will want to wait for Easter but if she wanted and the priest agreed she could receive her first Holy Communion at any point. I would not recommend just appearing at the altar rail though as though she could receive then without fault it would be a bit odd to receive for the first time that way. Normally there would be a bit more ceremony to it.


She should talk with her priest about it.


She should not wait to begin receiving communion or regularly attending reconciliation. There is no canonical or pastoral reason to delay any longer. A baptized Catholic should be treated appropriately for their stage of formation, and not treated like a non-Catholic candidate or catechumen.

She should discuss it with both her parish pastor and whoever she is working with at the university.




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