A question to the Trump supporters?

I wonder, how many of you believe that Trump is an honest, ethical, respectable person?


This is not World News.
Perhaps the is another place that this can be posted?

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“Someone whom you would trust to be a guardian of your children… especially the female children?”

Ok this is very uncharitable. He has grandchildren and I believe granddaughters. I am sure his children would have no qualms leaving their grandchildren with Grandpa Trump.

Now honest, ethical, respectable person----100% no he isn’t but neither am I. I am a human being with faults and failures. I am a sinner, he is a sinner, guess what we are all sinners. He is rude, crude and to some very harsh in his dealings with people. He isn’t the most gentlemanly at times. Like I said not perfect. He speaks his mind without filtering a lot of the time. He does have a huge ego. But do I believe he cares about this country—YES. Do I believe he cares about unborn babies -----Yes he has changed his mind from pro choice to pro life. Do I believe he ran for President for himself----NO. He had enough money, comfort and all he needed to stay in his private world not having to bother with any of this. He ran for President because he didn’t want our country to go down the “drain”. He ran because he saw what was happening and he didn’t want that for our country. His life has been turned upside down by being President and he didn’t have to do it but he did because he cares about the USA. He wants this country to be great. He’s proud of this country not ashamed of it and he didn’t want it to be a country that he would be ashamed of. Again perfect man----NO not by a long shot, Saint—not even close, caring concerned American that could make a change for the better—absolutely! I’ll take him even with all his failings and faults over some on the other side and in the past who have occupied the White House.


Nice bait. What kind of question is that?


What @CajunJoy65 said.
I doubt we’ve ever had a president that fits your “honest, ethical, respectable person” description closely. But Trump has done many things good for the country, even amongst the constant barrage of hate from those who oppose him.


OP, you seem obsessed Donald Trump and politics. This isn’t healthy.


I don’t have a good impression on him based on comments he’s made about women. But I wouldn’t go on hearsay or press coverage. I’d need to meet him and get to know him first. I don’t trust anybody I don’t personally know to assume that close of a relationship with my children.


Are you sure? Check his profile.


Is he a nice guy? I don’t know, I’'ve never met him face to face. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. It doesn’t matter. Being a nice guy is one thing, being a good president is something else.


Gosh. I’m not a trump supporter by any means, and I used to question ‘why’ but…

His supporters are voting him to do a job. If they agree with his policies, they’re voting for him. No point nominating someone for a job you think they’re terrible at, but you do so anyway because he’s a sweetheart.

There’s obviously nuances in this, and I don’t get the fanatics, but i think we have come far enough to acknowledge that politicians are barely a good example of what a good human being should behave like.


No, I responded to OP. That’s why there was no link to your post. At least that’s how it should work.

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I received a notice of your response. You must have clicked on the wrong reply.

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weird. Sorry about that then. In fact this post doesn’t link back to yours either. This isn’t making any sense to me.

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If Hillary Clinton was president, bible believing Christians would have felt her heal come down. She is hostile to Christianity, not neutral, and pro-abortion to the max. Before you throw stones at Trump, you don’t know what your country would look like today if Hillary was president. Hillary as “Guardian of children”? Absolutely not. Ethical and respectable? Absolutely not.

Is Trump a saint? I don’t think so. Neither am I. What I do know is that Hillary would have chopped off my head if she showed up in the day when you could do that to Christians.

That still exists in the world. Death to Christians. We are very blessed to live in countries that built their foundations on the rock of Christ. Never forget that.


I don’t believe that in every respect he’s “an honest, ethical, respectable person.”

But, in 2016 we were electing somebody to the position of President of the United States and “leader of the free world.” We weren’t electing somebody to sainthood.


Mr Trump is a complete stranger to me. I would not leave the care of my minor children to a complete stranger. Sometimes we have a false sense of “friendship” with a celebrity or other public figure, but, that is an unreal sense.


Babysitting is not part of the Presidents job description all tough i have a feeling that if for some strange reason it came to it that i would trust Trump to watch my kids before i let you anywhere near them.


No more than any other person who has sat in that office. And it’s “the ends do not justify the means”, which is not the same as, “you cannot gain moral results from immoral source”. Solving world hunger is good, regardless of whether or not it was solved due to genocide or humanitarian efforts. Genocide, however, is wrong and will always be wrong no matter what reason it’s done for. The fact that genocide then is always immoral means it is not an option to solve any problem, no matter how good that would be.

By your logic, Trump solving world hunger would be immoral, since you implicitly define him as an immoral source, whatever that means. Immoral people are capable of doing morally good actions however.

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