A Question

Karl Keating has stepped down as president of Catholic Answers and been replaced by Christopher Check.

Does this mean that we can now hand out “Check Tracts” when evangelizing non-Catholics? :wink:

:rotfl:You just ain’t right Randy…

ROFL!!! :rotfl:

But seriously, how did I miss this news?!?!

Me too…when did this take place?

Not that I don’t think it will work just as well (or better, as I’m sure KK hopes it will)

it was posted as a thread on CAF yesterday.

Here’s the article form the homepage:

I am about to read it. I did notice that he got a “congratulations” from a friend on his FB page. This is big news! :slight_smile:


Only if you write a big enough Check! :):):slight_smile:

(Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

I would love to have some Check tracts LOL…big enough check…great sense of humor on this thread.

I’ll check that out, and get back to you.:smiley:


Actually CA does have something we could consider to be check tracts

I had no idea. Thanks for the link. Very interesting!~


Thanks for the news. I’ll have to check it out. :smiley:


With all due respect to Mr. Christopher Check, they will always be Karl tracts in my heart.

May Karl Keating enjoy long life and may Christopher Check guide CA with the wisdom and strength of God.


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