A quick latin translation

Un homme avec le coer si Christ

What does the above phrase say.

I gather “Un homme” is One man or A man.

and I am guessing “avec le coer si” is a strong conviction in Christ?

Any help appreciated.

That doesn’t look like Latin, sugah, it looks like French: A man with a heart like Christ’s.

It’s not Latin. The use of articles is a dead giveaway. It appears to be French roughly translated ‘a man with the heart of Christ’. ‘Un homme’ translates to ‘a man’, ‘avec’ is a conjugated form of the verb meaning ‘to have’, ‘le coer’ (coeur?) translates to ‘the heart’, and ‘Christ’ translates to…well, take a wild guess :p. It’s hard to tell with my limited abilities in French how the pronoun ‘si’ should be translated, whether it is meant to indicate ‘he’ or ‘them’ or if it may be used as an impersonal pronoun as can happen in Italian.

Anyway, that’s all I have.

It is French but ‘si’ can mean ‘if’ or ‘so’ (as in so big). I’m French and I’m not sure what the phase is meant to be. I’d like to see the context – maybe it means “a heart so Christ-like”.

Thanks everyone!:slight_smile:

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