A quick question on married priests


Are married priests (Eastern Catholic or given an exception) given a higher salary to support their family? I understand that the salaries celibate priests receive are usually just enough to support themselves, so I'm wondering how it works when a priest has a family to take care of.


For one, it would depend on the particular Eparchy (A Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy is going to be more financially well off, than say an Italo-Albanian Eparchy simply due to the size of the particular Church)


I'm not sure about Eastern Catholic priests, but the two Orthodox priests I'm acquainted with have jobs outside of their priestly duties. One is a college professor and the other works with his sons. Their secular employment is what pays the bills and allows them to support a family. It is possible that those married priests with small parishes would do the same, but I'm not 100% sure.


All married priests I know (Anglican Ordinariate, and Eastern Catholic) have other jobs outside of ministry to help support their family.


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