A Rabbi Talks with Jesus

In his upcoming book, Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict spends 11 pages discussing another book - Jacob Neusner’s A Rabbi Talks with Jesus.

John Allen received an advance copy of Pope Benedict’s book and writes:

Benedict calls (Neusner) a “great intellectual.” Benedict writes at one stage that he wants to insert himself into their conversation. He praises the “great love” with which Neusner writes of Jesus, and applauds him for seeing clearly what Benedict believes too many Christian exegetes, in their passion for dissection, fail to grasp: that the Jesus of the New Testament is precisely the Christ of Faith, one who claims for himself the authority that belongs only to God.

“Jesus was not simply another reforming rabbi,” Neusner writes, in a passage Benedict cites with approval. “What’s in discussion are the claims of authority on the part of Jesus.” In that sense, Benedict claims, Neusner “liquidates” the image of Jesus as a preacher of liberal morality promoted by Harnack and others.


Jacob Neusner’s book has been available for at least 13 years - even that edition is a reprint. Has anyone read it?

No, but I desperately desire to.

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