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I recently discovered that I downloaded some apparently satanic content onto my phone. I didn’t know it at the time so I’m not worried about sin. But would using my phone during the period the stuff was downloaded, say I found music by using my phone that had the bad stuff downloaded, should I not be listening to it now? Or if I used my phone back then to find a new hairstyle, should I now not use that hairstyle?


You might be overthinking this. Unless your phone is possessed or carrying a virus of some kind, there is no danger in using it regardless of the inert content or data that may or may not be on it. You are free to continue using the phone.

I’m inclined to agree that you are overthinking it. If you are talking about content that is, in itself, morally neutral, it does not matter what other insidious content may have been there at the same time. The bad stuff doesn’t contaminate the good stuff just by sharing space on the same phone.

Thank you both. However, how would I be expected to know if my phone was possessed?
And yes it was neutral content.

It sounds like you are thinking that the “apparently satanic content” downloaded in your phone, which was unrecognized or unknown to you at the time, may have influenced (or corrupted) the things you did while using your phone.

If you were aware of the content and recognized its evil meaning, and you absorbed and assented to the meaning, I can see how it could have influenced your choices and actions. However, that influence would not be restricted to things you did while using the phone. It would extend to other areas of your life. If this has been the case, rid yourself of the evil influences by repentance and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

If you were unaware of the content or did not recognize its message or symbolism, I don’t see how it could have influenced your choices and actions. Don’t worry about that. We have enough to worry about with the overt images and underlying messages contained in entertainment and advertising media. That’s what can really corrupt us if we allow it.

Well I guess you could say I recognized it… but I didn’t really think I needed to get rid of it. That just simply never popped into my mind(that I can remember).

I’ve never heard of a phone being possessed.

We’ll now I’m wondering whether what I did was morally neutral. Essentially, I went to a site which is purely user created content. However the site haas featured some things which for simplification lets just say we’re “insidious”. Do you think using that site for other things(that are acceptable) is ok?

Way way overly scrupulous! Please don’t worry so:) much!

Would you mind explaining how?

The only way that satanic material can affect you is through choosing to view it and following its suggestions. This does not apply to you:

  1. You did not realize you were downloading it.
  2. You did not keep it once you realized what was going on.

So how could it affect your other choices, especially non-related ones such as hairstyle or music?

I realize that now, but what do you think of the site I used?

The notion of not getting the hairstyle because you think it came from a “tainted” device is straight up OCD. I know because I had troubling OCD for years. What exactly was put on your phone?

I think it may depend on whether or not the evil content is supported by the site or not…
Ok, for example: If some member of a a forum or social networking website (are we allowed to name sites? :wink: ) put some bad stuff on his/her profile or in a forum, I don’t think I would have to stop being a member there, especially if it is a site with thousands or millions of users. Maybe somebody posted some bad stuff on this forum before - still we are using it.
On the other hand, if a site itself posted some bad stuff, or clearly supported some bad stuff that somebody posted - then I might consider not wanting to support THEM with my membership anymore.

p.s. (edit): PRAY of course, to God to protect you from all evil influences :).

Humor me with a worst case scenario…

Lets say the site should not be used and I knew knew it and said whatever and used it anyway and then while committing that sin I saw a hairstyle I liked on that site and have it now?

Ummmm… I’ve had a lot of struggles with scrupulosity myself so I’d recommend you wait what somebody else says… :wink: because I am afraid I might say something wrong… :wink: :wink:


Go ahead, I’ll always make the final decision.

I am just not sure enough, sorry :wink:

Well I sure hope someone is…:slight_smile:

The way in which you found out about the hairstyle would not make wearing it sinful.

However, what could be sinful are your reasons for having such a hairstyle, the scandal it may cause, or the damage it could do to your capability to care of yourself or your family financially.

For example, let’s say a teacher suddenly decides she needs to shave her head into a mohawk. If she discovered this type of hairstyle on, say, a neo-Nazi website that she wants to learn about racism from, then this does not in and of itself mean wearing this hairstyle is sinful.

However, if she wears it because she wants to identify with being a neo-Nazi, and if she wears it despite knowing her school has a strict policy against mohawks and that she will probably get fired, then she is certainly committing sin.

Of course, this is not to say that mohawks and neo-Nazis have anything to do with each other, I’m just trying to make some sort of analogy that stands out and is clear to see. :slight_smile:

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