A Random Question

Thank you for your opinion. It is a perfectly normal hairstyle, and I do not mean harm by wearing it. But you think the analogy works if the site was satanic?

Where you found out about the hairstyle does not make wearing it sinful, with the exception of what I’ve mentioned

Of course, if you have strange cravings to visit the site again every time you look in the mirror, then you may be putting yourself in a near occasion of sin by having it.

But whatever you mean by “satanic,” this trait does not make the hairstyle any more sinful than if you learned the word “incredulous” by reading this same website, and now find yourself using it a lot.

Well it had videos containing not so Christian things. To use a euphemism.

If I were to read in-between the lines, it sounds like you might feel guilty about your porn-star style haircut. :blush:

As long as you’re not dressing satanically, behaving satanically, or speaking satanically, there is nothing wrong with having cute hair, regardless of who else has the same haircut.

Go in peace.

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