A rant after my own heart

A rant after my own heart:

Kevin Myers on modern Irish churches.

Made an interesting point that looking to pagan or natural sources for inspiration for church design is ignorant and a slap in the face to the early Church fathers.

Interestingly, he also mentions, which I did not know, that the president of Ireland once deliberately and publicly ‘took’ Anglican communion:

Irish President takes protestant communion.

I mention the latter as an indication of the work needed to be done to recover from four decades of 'The Spirit Of Vatican 2".

This is beautiful! As a proud Irish-American whose descendants came during the great famine, I am disheartened to read about the state of Church in Ireland. After 1500 years of loyalty to the Church, it saddens me to see the Irish turn their backs upon the institution, which preserved their culture, language, and identity through 800 years of imperial occupation.

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