A Rant turned to Reflection

I am so appalled by the psychological trauma
that this creature called a human being is capable of doing to himself and to his neighbor.

It is manipulative and twisted to make anyone think that the amount of melanin they have or don’t have in their body is the most important deciding factor in the search for truth about
how to uphold respect for human dignity today, tomorrow, and always.

Tell me, what does human dignity look like? What color is its face? What language does it speak?
What music does it make? What stories does it write? What clothes does it wear? What meals does it have? Can I find it on a mountain, or by the sea? Is it it hiding in the woods? Where is its home?

You, the person, make the invisible visible. The moment I assign more value to your unique visibility above someone else’s, because I think I’m doing you a favor by surpressing the “competition” that has a different amount of melanin, I have mistaken respect for objectification. I have objectified you.

You are visible, you are unique, your are worthy of respect. This isn’t a competition. Trying to displace or compete with the visibility of others isn’t justice. Them doing it to you isn’t either. It’s theft. It’s theft disguised as charity. It’s a betrayal. It’s a betrayal of the only thing that exists to remind us that you are not replaceable: your visibility.


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Is God in your rant turned into reflection?

I hope so. When I wrote this, I had earlier spent time thinking about and re-reading an essay I wrote years ago for a philosophy course I took called Philosophy of the Human Person, which was taught by a Dominican Sister at a Catholic college.

At the very beginning of the semester, she had us read an article titled “The Stupidity of Dignity” written by an atheist named Stephen Pinker who argued that dignity is a meaningless, superflous concept used by religious moralists whenever they object to a public policy that relates to bioethics.

At the end of the semester, we had to write an essay responding to the article and answer the question of whether human dignity is knowable by reason, or does it require faith?

I argued that it is demonstrable by human reason.

The existence of God is too.

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