A Rare Elected Voice for Socialism Pledges to Be Heard in Seattle




Well, I live in Seattle, and I did NOT vote for her!:frowning:


While income inequality is a great cause to tackle, and something definitely should be done about it, I wonder if her adoption of the socialist label serves to help her cause, or does it turn away like-minded voters who reject that label because of the stigma attached to it?


Rare? Hardly. Most American socialists just avoid using the word socialist in public.


I think that the definition of socialism has been the victim of exaggeration and hyperbole. It’s seems now that even the slightest advocacy of social programs or entitlements, or even questioning the loopholes in the tax code that favor the rich, or the idea of pure capitalism earns one the title socialist these days.

It is possible to believe that pure capitalism without government oversight is a bad system without being socialist. It is possible to believe that carried interest should be taxed as income without being a socialist, or that welfare and unemployment are necessary programs. But instead, if you fail to be 100% pure capitalist who supports the rights of the corporations and opposes any increased tax rates on the wealthy, you are a socialist.


‘Rare’ is a laugh.


Socialism is the best hope for young people who have seen their options crushed by the tide of low-wage, futureless jobs in the post-recession economy.

Having known several European young people literally crushed under socialism and its corresponding high cost of living who moved to the US I have to disagree. They can even afford children here, something I’m told is impossible in Europe.

Socialism is always dependent upon redistribution of wealth, never its creation.


When I think of socialism, I picture a society or economy in which there is no private property. The government, or smaller collectives, own the corporations and businesses which produce goods and provide services.

That doesn’t seem to be what Kshama Sawant is advocating. Here is her campaign platform.

So what makes her a socialist, other than identifying as one? What exactly is a socialist or socialism?


Confusing Stalinism with democratic socialism is like confusing Hitler with conservatives. It’s unfair, untrue, and it muddles the water in any conversation.


You should have.:slight_smile:

“If you ask me as a socialist what workers deserve, they deserve the value of what they produce.”



Well again, that’s talk radio heard from. :rolleyes:


You are right. She’s just a super charged liberal. :shrug: She has co-opted some socialist platforms, and “talking points”. But the rest is more of the same.



Why not disagree with the original statement?


I hope she gets everything she wants in Seattle. Then more companies will relocate here to Texas! :thumbsup:


Why bother?:shrug:


This should not come as a surprise - why bother responding substantively the original statement when you can say “talk radio” and take the easy way out.



She is part of the urban, radical leftist nut-fudge fringe that exists in most big cities: she recently called for the Boeing workers to “seize” the factory if the executives decide to move the plant somewhere else. In effect, she’s calling for the workers to do something illegal. Kind of embarrassing that she was elected to the city council, but then again, its Seattle - and its only the city council.



Ishii :rolleyes: Think of it as intellectual triage. When people come on here and requrgitate the things they hear in their info-bubbles. I black tag them, and move on. To do otherwise is a waste of time/ talent. :slight_smile:



I wonder which think tanks Ms. Kshama Sawant subscribes to.


Quotes from Popes have about socialism



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