A rather embarrassing question that I should know.. but


Hi everyone,
This is a rather embarrassing question to ask, and one I should know the answer too…
What I do not know is How did Jesus dying on the cross save us?
I know him sacrificing himself for us is the most amazing thing he did for us, and that God sacrificing his son for us is the greatest gift we could have to save us.
But what I dont get is how did it save us? Its rather confusing to me, and when i tried searching for it on the net, it didnt really come up with the answers.
So can all you wonderful fellow catholics help me out on this one.
God Bless


In the old testament, the Jews had to offer a sacrifice, an animal if you will, for the atonement of sins. Well Jesus is like that animal. He is the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. I believe it was a lamb they sacrificed… At any rate, I think other people can better elaborate on this than I. I hope I helped.


Try looking up SOTERIOLOGY.



See what scripture says before you read any one persons commentary.

Read Hebrews 9 and 10.

Read Jeremiah 31:31-37 Especially read what verse 34 says- “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”

Then read Isaiah 53 and especially read verse 12 of Isaiah 53.


Original Sin doomed us to an eternal separation from God. To be reunited with Him, man must be made pure again – though our innocence was lost, it was yet possible for us to be restored to purity.

God chose to restore us by choosing to sacrifice Himself in utter earthly agony as a demonstration of His love for us. Christ’s sacrifice atoned for our fallen state and made it possible for us to be restored to grace.

Could God have merely wiped the slate clean? I assume so, but He is not just infinitely merciful – He is also infinitely wise and just. God’s justice demands that there should be atonement for sin, not just forgiveness. It was His choice to sacrifice Himself for us, since we could not possibly have atoned for our fallen state.

The Old Testament is full of events that foreshadowed that Sacrifice – not the least of which is the commandments for the Passover feast, in which the old rituals of animal sacrifice are transformed into a new sacrifice of a perfect lamb, the flesh of which is to be eaten for nourishment rather than burned.



God from all eternity had forseen man’s fall, willed likewise from all eternity to provide a Redeemer for men, in the person of His Son. He determined to become man so that becoming the head of mankind He could in full measure expiate our sin and give us back, together with grace, all our rights to heaven. Thus He drew good out of evil and harmonized the rights of justice with those of his goodness.

"He was not indeed bound to demand full justice. He could have pardoned man and contented Himself with the meager and imperfect reparation that the later could have proffered. But he regarded it more worthy of his glory and more salutary for man to enable him to offer full reparation for his fault.

Full justice required an adequate reparation, in proportion to the offense, and offered by a lawful representative of mankind. God brought this about by the Incarnation.

The Son of God takes flesh and thus becomes the chief of humanity, the head of the mystical body whose members we are. By this very fact, the Son can of right act and make atonement in our name." - “The Spiritual Life - A. Tanquerey”

Sin is an offense against the eternal and infinite God. The consequences are infinite and eternal. Only God could redeem us.


To expand on this excellent answer, I see it as the restoring of a relationship. Adam and Eve had a wonderous relationship with God (they walked with Him in Genesis). But by betraying that relationship, the preternatural gifts were forfitted that once allowed us to have that relationship. But God had a plan. He restored us by making us a part of His Family. How did he do that? He died on the cross to allow His Spirit to be able to dwell in us. That is the reason for His death on the cross. It is this Spirit that is the Bride of Christ and we are His children that is to be handed over to the Father as one happy family.


Through Adam and Eve’s disobedience the gates of heaven were closed. Jesus making His sacrifice opened the gates to heaven:amen: . In a nutshell.


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