A ray of hope...Protestant church admits that Catholics are right about something.


Hello all!

I am thrilled to bring this thread to your attention today. I, of course, am a Catholic. My girlfriend is converting, and her family is VERY protestant.

Over the last weekend, she was down at her parents home, and went to church with them…their church is very fundamentalist evangelical, and it considers itself a Bible Church.

So the minsiter is preaching and teaching about how we need to confess our sins. Then it happens. He says to his flock, “Now I am a protestant minister, but let me tell you one place that we have got it all wrong. The Catholics teach that you need to confess to each other…and they are right.” At this point my girlfriend told me that you could have heard a pin drop in the mega-church.

He went on to back up what he had said with scripture from the Bible. By the end of the service, the congregation left in shock. However, my girlfrind did mention that she overheard more than a few people talking about the ministers teaching afterwords. Some were even saying things like, “I wonder if Catholics are right about anything else?”

I know that this is a small thing, but it is something. I hope that the minister continues to look into it…he may just find that the Catholics are supported by scripture ALL THE TIME.



I have heard evangelical preachers on late night Christian radio station that make me take notes and expect to see them inteviewed by Marcus Grodi on the Coming Home show in the near future. I maintain that anyone who sincerely seeks the truth will eventually find it, and like most of us that will involve dropping prejudices pre-conceptions, personal preferences, emotions, and ignorance and becoming open to the workings of the Holy Spirit.

by the way “the Protestant Church” an entity which does not exist, did not admit anything. One preacher made the statements and he does not speak for all Protestants, nor even for his denomination.




That was awesome Brad.

One truth inches it’s way in, maybe another later.


We live in hope! I would love to convert that church…they have about 5000 members.


Speaking of Coming Home.

I spent each thursday for the past 6 weeks listening to Mike Cumbie at MikeCumbie.org.

EWTN needs to give him his own show.

A protestant channel surfing comes across him, they will stop to watch.


Cool! I will check that out.


He was a guest on the The Journey home program on ewtn last month. He is a great witness for the faith. So who airs his program on Thursday?


That is wonderful!!! Would you dare give the name of the Church? I would love to put them on my prayer list.


Northside Christian Church in Sellersburg, Indiana. Sellersburg is just to the north of Louisville.



After the show, EWTN was swamped with a record breaking amount of calls. That following thursday, Mike said that he received over 3000 emails. Some were not nice, but that shows that some Protestants are watching…

BTW, they did an encore performance the next night on ETWN!


Your right though…EWTN needs to offer him a timeslot/program.


The RCC gets and has always gotten far more right than wrong:

The Trinity, the Divinity of Christ, Grace Alone, the centrality of the Cross and the Atonement in revelation, the list goes on and on.

I’m not sure, outside of a siege mentality knee jerk, why this is such a big surprise.


I’ll tell you why. When I was attending an Assemblies of God Bible college I took a course on church history. The teacher, a retired AoG minister from England, had us study the Nicene Creed. When we got the part “…he was born of a Virgin…” he stopped and said, “As to the title Mother of God that the Catholic Church teaches, they are right to call her that.” Everyone gasped and a deadening silence followed, just as if he had introduced the idea that salvation was through Satan! He went on to explain why the title was correct, but that didn’t mollify the more militant among us. They went to the Dean and demanded he be fired. He wasn’t, but there was a lot of talk and bad feelings over it and the teacher never mentioned such a thing again.

If you don’t believe such prejudice and ignorance still exists just try getting anyone from Bob Jones University to admit the Church is right about anything. I think you’ll find they won’t acknowledge that, but claim, quitely vehemently, that the Bible was the source of all correct teaching and if the Catholic Church is right about anything it’s only because it took it from Holy Writ and not because the Magisterium knows what it is doing when it proclaims the teachings of Christ and the Apostles nor that the Catholic Church has any authority to decide matters of faith and morals.


I know some people from BJU, and your statements could not be more correct.

I just hope that this is a big first step for this church. Grace works in amazing ways.


I get that, but why worry about the opinions of idiots and madmen?

Lutherans, at least, have always confessed that the Roman Church is a true Church with the means of Grace.

I’m pretty sure the Anglicans have agreed and there, between those two, you have the vast majority of Protestants.


Maybe this minister is himself being lead to the Catholic Church!:slight_smile:


Surprisingly whenever I’ve talked to evangelical Protestants about the Catholic Church, one of the things they really like about it is the emphasis placed on Confession (some even said they find it sad that so many Catholics don’t take utilize the Sacrament like they should).


I think that I would be happy with that…but God is not. I really do not think that God wants any of his children to be separated from the Church. I live for the day that we do not have to talk about Catholics and protestants any more…I think it is time that we were just all Christians under the one Church that God started.

But maybe that is just me.

Thanks for your point of view!!!


I too have found Mike Cumbie. I ordered some of his DVD’s. Quite rough in production but the message is very, very good!

As a convert myself, I too have felt a need to try and find a way to dialogue with Protestants. Mike’s Micah Project is a wonderful start! Please do support his ministry!

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