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I recently started attending daily mass at St. Francis of Assisi in NYC.

The church is run by the friars of holy name province and I have to say I am really blown away by everything they do there. Amazing Parish.

But on to my question.

One of the Friars when beginning the gospel, instead of the traditional
"This is a reading from the Holy Gospel according to ...."


Example: "Brother's and Sisters, These are words of life and truth from ...."

Is this a Friar tradition or can any priest slightly alter the words of liturgy?
I really like this approach.

Thank you!


Let me try and save many others a lot of time and frustration.

No. The priest isn't supposed to change those words.

Now on to your next question, what should I do?

You can ask him/them nicely if it's a habit from their order.

You can ask them nicely to stick to the words as approved by the Holy See.
You can write their Superior or the Ordinary as the case may be and report the issue.

What should you do? That's up to your conscience.


Following this thread.


Thanks for the feedback.

I decided to do some research and I was reading though the following:

Didn’t see anything specific.

Maybe someone from that Order might have some insight on the this forum. As for my conscience, It tells me to follow the gospel but also try and spread the good news of Christ through my daily interactions with the others around me.

Cheers :slight_smile:


sigh it is *never *permitted to change any of the words of the missal.


[quote="Leon_Bloy, post:5, topic:314865"]
sigh it is *never *permitted to change any of the words of the missal.



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